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Marlow Ropes 3.8mm Formuline and Formula X

Formuline is a 12 strand tightly braided Dyneema optimised for durability & abrasion resistance. Formuline has been specifically designed as a downhaul & outhaul on high performance windsurf rigs.
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Formula X is the same basic construction as Formuline but has a normal 8 plait finish ( not as smooth as Formuline) which makes it perfect for those that want a very tough rope but one which you can grip by hand or use in a North Power XT ratchet extension (the rope looks exactly the same as the original white North Rope)
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This rope actually measures 3.8mm

Price is for 1 metre.
Formuline £3.25 
Formula X £3.25

Note. If you love Formuline's longevity and the way it reduces down and outhaul friction but find that the Formula X is too far the other way, take a look at Windtech Rope from Kingfisher as this is half way between the two.

This is a low friction rope that makes the rigging of high tension downhaul/outhaul sails a lot easier. It also has a very low stretch factor. Unlike a plaited rope, this covered core type will break without a visual warning, so changing it after a fair amount of use is advised.


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