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Product Information

2008 North S Type 9.5m Used MJ05

Year: 2008
Twin or Tri-Cam Slalom orientated Sail
REf: NST9508MJ05
Luff: 540cm
Boom: 252cm
Mast: 460cm mast Plus North Extender CX40cm/CX50cm
2nd choice. 490cm Plus North Extender CX40cm
Colour:  CC2 White/Blue

The North sail with options of switching cams to a Twin Cam for use as a bottom end power Freeride sail for larger boards, or as a Tri Cam for when you need more of a blasting Slalom/Race style of sail (it will be noticeably more stable in Tri-Cam mode).
This sail has been used only a handful of times and is in very good condition. It's also at a very good price!


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