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Latest News - 05/08/2022

Most things UP, some Down, some can and some can't.

 Summertime and the living is easy.. in comparison to what we are all told to expect this coming Winter! The question this week seems to be ‘can I use my hose or can’t I’? As we are involved with all things water, I thought we should try and help with this.. as far as we can tell if you live in Sussex and your bill is from South Eastern Water you can’t use your hose but if you are billed by Southern Water, you jolly well can. Hope that is correct as I don’t want anyone having their neighbour report them!

Perhaps we should all get a little laid back on this Friday evening and welcome in.. the Weekend! 
So, what’s the news this week? Interest rates Up, Inflation rates Up, Chinese Missiles Up.. how can everything be so gloomy when everything is on the Up? Well, one thing that’s DOWN is the price of the Ensis Rock’n’Roll Wing surfing boards but more about that..further on down! 
SUP board sales are still on the UP but nothing like the amount that sold during the two years of Covid, which is good news, as at least this year we can supply from stock rather than compiling dreaded lists of ‘optimistic’ board arrival dates and which boards were already sold to who. Prices were held by most brands for summer 2022 but I am not sure where we will be in summer 2023, with inflation predicted to be around 13% (they do know how to make people cheerful) prices could rise dramatically (or of course fall, if no one has any money!). If things are already tough spare cash wise, then don’t forget that as a local you can obtain a locals 10% discount on most board’s we have in stock but please do ask for details before presuming you will be eligible! Once you have the board, the only energy cost required is Yours. Result! 
Ensis Wing boards are one of the lightest but toughest production boards available. The company is Swiss and due to the European market place being in more of a slump than the UK (even though their heatwave has been far more ‘magnificent’ than ours) the price has been re-aligned to be more competitive with other brands. 
Rock ’N’ Roll 57 £1357.00   Now £1225.00 (To order)
Rock ’N’ Roll 77 £1375.00   Now £1249.00 In stock
Rock ’N’ Roll 97 £1399.00   Now £1249.00 In stock
Rock ’N’ Roll 117 £1449.00 Now £1299.00 In stock
Footstraps are supplied but Ensis board bags are extra, at £119.00 for the 57 / 77 boards and £129.00 for the 97 and 117. For the three boards we have in stock we are also offering the board bag at half the RRP, so you get a better price for the board and a good deal on the bag.. how fair is that!  
A week or so ago I mentioned that Red Paddle had dropped the price of their Towelling Change Robes. Well, now we have them for those little people. Kids Small and X-Small sizes are now available in Blue or Grey at only £24.90 but be quick as not many left in stock (adults we are currently OK for, Medium and Large, offer price for both sizes is £39.70). Lovely towelling material with a little Red style thrown in.
Product Recall! DaKine have issued a recall on their Adjustable harness lines. The model concerned has a rope adjust on one side and a buckle on the other. The Part no. is D1WHLATLWHISTD which sadly you will only find on the original packaging (there is a label attached to the lines but it is likely to have ‘gone’ once used).
If you have purchased these lines from us in the last year, please can you try and find the receipt or at least the date that you purchased them and bring them along to the shop (or get in contact with the shop you purchased from if not ourselves). We will look after you from there. DaKine apologies for any inconvenience caused by the Quality Control backed recall. 
And finally, something that is way out of my price bracket but may sit nicely into yours. Today the postman brought us the first RRD World magazine, all the way from Italy. Robert Ricci does nothing in halves and even his news mag has style and flare written all over it (‘it’ is 42cm high and 30cm wide!). It has many interesting articles but the one that caught our attention was the RRD Windseeker Land Rover Defender! Yes, Roberto Ricci finally got together with Land Rover Italy to have a Defender kitted out in RRD Corporate regalia and then drove it along a beach through all of that vehicle loving salt water! I say finally as there was talk back in 2018 of a tie up between the two companies. I hate to think of the price but I guess if you have to ask you could not possibly afford it. I am more than happy to enquire of course, if any of you are ‘seriously’ interested! 
And now, the weekends weather and tide times.
Saturday starts of with a shameless blue sky but cloud will build during the afternoon. The temps are down on the recent mid-twenties, as the air flow is from the North but they will still be just above 20°C. Wind direction in the morning is Northerly and in the afternoon, it goes around 180° to become Southerly. Wind strength is approx. 11 kts during the morning (don’t get blown out to sea please!)  and 8kts in the afternoon. Guess what, NO RAIN! Tide is High at 18.00hrs on a 5.3m, so not a good day for river paddling, unless you have shallow 4.5” fin, available here in US Box,  for only £15.75!
Sunday is pretty much a carbon copy of Saturday’s weather but the wind strength is a little lower at 6kt in the morning and 8kt in the afternoon. Air temp will also be a little less. And still..NO RAIN. Tide hits High at 19.20hrs (a big jump) on a 5.1m. River paddling could be worse than Saturday but you may soon be able to walk up the rivers, if NO RAIN continues.
And that’s that for this week, apart from mentioning that this weekend is also the big one for British motorcycle racing, as it’s the MotoGP at Silverstone and it is being shown Live on ITV, so set your recording devices as you don’t want to waste a sunny afternoon in doors, do you (unless your name is Nik..but I bet he is at Silverstone, even with a bit of ‘bodily damage’). 

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