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Latest News - 29/07/2022

The SUP On sale , the SUP Taster and The Sunflower Offer!

 I TAKE IT ALL BACK!  Friday evening and yet another week of the school holidays has passed by without much rain! This must be something of a record in recent years and I for one am truly amazed but still holding to my pessimistic view, for the sake of everyone who is camping. Think I have upset ‘a God’ in the past as it seems that whatever I say somehow the reverse happens. You may think this is a joke but it has been like that a lot recently and I cannot believe it all be coincidence!

Let’s hope the rain forecast for early Sunday morning is really light...
Tonight, it is a quicky, as I’m not feeling at all keen to sit here typing away after another busy day in the megastore. It has been a week of ‘late’, Monday I was out of here at 8.30pm and Wednesday another ‘After Eight’ evening was had, which does wear you down when you never have a lunch break to take a breather. Perhaps if I stop moaning and just get on with it...  I will get out earlier! So, without further ado... 
SUP International Magazine is out and it’s the Mid-Summer edition. This month we are going to offer you a 2 for 1, so if you buy Mid-Summer you get the early Summer Mag Free of Charge!  There’s a lot of words to read as well as pictures of places to see, that we all should put on the Bucket list to visit. £6.10 gets you the two, but only while stocks last! 
Always being asked by people ‘where can I try SUP’? Here is a link for those people... Click Here
Choose you date (check the weather forecast first and hope they have it right...), book you Taster and away you go. The guys and girls at the SYC will make your first go on a SUP both safe and FUN! 
Note. there are other places locally you can try SUP but the SYC do have showers! 
And lastly before I skip to the weekends weather and tides, I wanted to mention this rather lovely fund-raising event which is happening in Cowfold (a local village) but has nothing to do with water (apart from growth due to water). 
The Sunflower has become recognised as a symbol of the Ukraine struggle for peace and so one of the farmers in Cowfold decided to plant one of his fields with the brightest plants you see, which of course is the Sunflower. Nothing odd in that as the flower has been grown for its seeds for aeons but what this farmer is doing is offering everyone the chance to go along and buy a Sun Flower for a £1.00 a plant, all of which will be passed on to support Ukraine in its current strife. A week back they raised £350.00 on the Saturday and they are open again this Saturday, should anybody fancy going along. What do you do with your sunflower?? Well, the seeds are well known but worth checking out Google to see what else you can do with them. To find the field you will need to park up in the village and walk to Eastlands lane which is by the Hare and Hounds pub. Walk up the lane for about ¼ mile and turn right at the end. Walk another ¼ mile and the field is on your left. I cannot find anything about it on social media so I do hope that it will be ‘on’..  but if not, at least you will have had a nice stroll and you could always stop in at the pub to quench your thirst. (Sorry about the pic... they were all facing the wrong way when my wife took it!).
OK the weekends weather and tides.
Saturday, we have WIND in the afternoon.16-20kts Sou’West forecast but could be a tad higher if current patterns continue. Tide hits High at 13.20hrs on a 5.9m so a late sail, kite, wing at Shoreham but a pretty good tide for rivers and the estuary if you want to go a paddling earlier in the day.
Sunday the wind is pretty much as the Saturday with maybe a tad more West in it but same strength. Early rain will have cleared by breakfast so another dry school holidays day for everyone to enjoy. High Tide is at 13.50hrs on a 5.9m. 
And that will be the end of July 2022 as Monday ushers in August.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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