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Latest News - 22/07/2022

Where did Summer go, will Scarlet want a Ride and is it a Ponco or a Robe?

 Friday once more folks and the Weekend is knocking at the door! Where do the Summer Weeks disappear too, Winter weeks seem much longer?

So, were you ‘A’, an Enjoyer or ‘B’, a Hater when it came to the warm temperatures, we had during Monday evening and Tuesday, before the low pressure arrived at around 6pm on Tuesday evening and brought an instant change? Personally, I enjoyed, as I find the weather here to be ‘chilly’ 90% of the time. Very sad that I missed the allegedly ‘epic hour’ of low pressure 35kt wind which coincided with a record high pressure air temp, that rang the death knell of ‘Summer 2022’. I know that they say it will return but to be honest I am not holding any hope and looking at the forecast for next week, it seems that we are back to the usual school holidays weather pattern… oh joy! Well, at least the weekend will be windy’ ish and dry but then it gets proper WINDY on Monday. I know, I know, it hurts but more of the great UK Weather later.
Anyone fancy a Used Red Paddle Ride 9’8”, as we have an immaculate board ‘just in’. It’s a 2015 model but in lovely condition, as it has been kept out of the sun and
obviously treated with kid gloves. The only thing we could find wrong with it are a few tiny scuffs on the fins and the pump needed a new handle, which we have replaced. It comes with the bag, Red alloy paddle, Titan pump (with new handle) plus a Bulldog straight Surf leash. The 9’8” suits ladies who are under 65kg as an all-round board or it works well as a ‘surf orientated’ board for the heavier paddlers (the Batten system keeps the rocker line stable). First to Buy will See.. or something like that!
£440.00 ono.
Talking of ‘dear Red’, they have an offer ‘Now On’ for their Deluxe Beach poncho or Changing Robe, as they call it. Available in Medium or Large (ask for help with the size) and in a lush Blue or a gracious Grey and the best bit is that the price is down from £52.95 to £39.70, which makes it one of the cheapest best quality change robes available at the moment (they do look good with their trimming). Do note that these are towelling rather than a microfibre, which makes all the difference if you can’t stand the feel of microfibre! Don’t delay as they will be ‘Gone with the Wind’! Oh, that is bad……
I’m sure there was something else I meant to mention but can’t think what it was now (it’s been a long week, even for a summer one) so let’s go straight to the weekend’s weather and the indisputable Tide times! 
Saturday the winds are from the Sou’ West all day, 11-15kts during the morning and currently forecast to hit 16-21kts late afternoon. Temperatures are considerably down on last weekend as we have a cool 18°C mentioned’ but I do hope it might be a bit better than that! Tide is a 4.8m Neep and it hits High at 07.38hrs, so low is around 13.45hrs (the 4.8m mean there will be hardly any sand showing at low, just in case the dog needs walking). Not a good weekend for River paddling and it will be too windy on the coast, unless you can find a sheltered area to play in the waves,
that has not been found by 200 other people! Foiling, Kites and maybe Windy’s too will be a tad happier with the conditions.
Sunday is not looking as good, as the wind switches to Sou’Sou’West and drops back to around 8-14kts, which is where it stays all day. The tide hits High at 08.53hrs on a 4.8m so low will be around 14.55hrs, perfect for Shoreham but again, very little sand available. Sadly, Monday’s forecast is looking much better for the Wind and Kitesurfer’s who like 25kts plus, which is just typical!
And that is about all I can string together tonight. I do hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend, especially all of those from the beach who are heading down to St Ives Bay Holiday Park for their annual ‘Cornish Cream’.. hope you all have a great time!  
And one last thing to mention, if like us you have to work the weekend, IT’S TIME TO CHANGE YOUR JOB!
All the best, Chin Chin!

(Larger pictures can be viewed on our Facebook page.. and Gone with the Wind was a Classic Movie which just happened to fit in with 'Red')

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