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Latest News - 15/07/2022

Phew..but is it Hot? Plus two Used boards,open water and up the River!.

 Friday evening has come around quick, so another weekend is here and still I wait for the HOT weather to arrive. The beach today has been cool and windy so you see people arrive. stay a short while and then head off inland out of the wind. Saying that there have been a few who should have not stayed so long and been more aware of the sun, as numerous sightings of Rhubarb Red people were also seen leaving the beach... SolRX SPF 35 at £15.95 could help with this! There appears to be differing of opinion regarding the temperatures we are likely to hit during Sunday and into the start of next week. Met Office is giving Shoreham as hitting the 30°C mark during Tuesday and are issuing warnings of adverse health effects, changes in working practices and road delays (as everyone bunks off of work and heads to the coast?). Windguru is going with ‘if the sea is 19 degrees, the wind temperature coming off it is likely to be not a lot more, so they have us getting a max of 26°C during Monday evening. However, both agree that by Wednesday we will be back to the early twenties, with rain and a happy Sou’West wind at 25kts! Happy days ahead whatever the weather!

A couple of used boards to mention. First ‘SUP’.. sorry... is a Starboard Lite Tech 178lt 10’2 x 32” Wedge. The Wedge is a good allrounder so it suits our area really well, as most will paddle River and Sea. The board is in really good condition, as under a year old and only has the typical paddle ‘chips’ along the rails (Rule 1... don’t give your kids a hard-edged paddle!). Price is TBA but it will be under £600.00 and first to see will… possibly buy it?
Next is a slightly smaller 69lt windsurf board. A Tabou Pocket Wave from 2014, in VGC with just the normal wear on the water-based underside graphics, due to it having been slid in and out of a board bag. These do not come up that often as it’s a size that was really made for the Japanese market, so not many show up in the UK. It is an all-round tri-fin wave board so good for our South coast conditions. £395.00 seems to me to be a very good price for a board with a Kevlar reinforced deck. 
Just as a quick note we now have Swim Buoys £11.50 back in stock and all sizes of the Sola Lady Slick Skin Open water wetsuits £110.00 are now in as well.
The weekend weather and tides!
Saturday kicks off with a light 9kt Nor’ East wind but by mid-day they expect it to swing around to a light 10kt Sou’ East wind. Temp is given as 19°C and the Tide hits High at 14.14hrs on an impressive 6.4m (which is why the Moon was so large when it rose last night!). No rain... I think.
Sunday is the start point of Scorchio UK. We have a Sou’East airflow which could hit 14kts around lunchtime but then drop back to around 9kts for the rest of the day. Windguru say mid-twenties during the afternoon with a Hot Spot of 26°C at around 19.00hrs. Again, no rain!
Tide hits High at 15.02hrs and still a 6.4m.
So, could be a weekend for paddling the tidal Rivers, as they will have a good amount of water and also for enjoying crystal clear visibility due to no muddy rain water being around for a while.
Have a great weekend and please do apply plenty of sun cream, as that cool breeze will hide a very hot ‘burning’ sun.  As I said earlier, Scorchio. 
Chow All!

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