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Latest News - 24/06/2022

Better than last.. swimmers beware.. hats are us and keep your bits Aquapac safe!

 Friday Night has come around once again and the big question of today was.. ‘Where the ‘Eck did summer go? Yep, it is still June but boy has the weather been changeable. Scorchio yesterday and felt like early April today.. brrrr. I guess that can mean only one thing.. it’s The Weekend!

A lot to mention so let’s get into it. 
Sola have launched their improved 2022 Open Water wetsuit and we have them in stock.
These suits are made from the super slick low drag but very fragile ‘smooth-skin’ which of course enables the swimmer to swim faster and longer. SOLA quite rightly supply ‘white gloves’ to enable owners to get into the suits without ripping the material but if you do.. you are buying it.
Available in both Mens and Ladies versions with the men’s being Blue Trimmed and the Ladies are Orange trimmed (bet you were expecting PINK). We have all men’s sizes and currently ladies in 12 -14- 18 (10 -16 to follow shortly). See the pics of the tags for sizing’s. Price is a very reasonable £110.00 and don’t be put off by the material as nearly all suits of these type use it. 
What do you do with your keys when you go out on (or in..) the water? Well for years we have trusted the Aquapac Keymaster and as far as we know there is nothing much better on the market at the moment. It’s a very simple pinching device that seals the keys (or phone) safely inside the flexible pouch. A lanyard then allows you to hang it around your neck and either have it down inside the wetsuit or whatever else you happen to be wearing! The key version is £15.00 and the Phone Case is £25.00. One great bonus of the phone case is that you can use the phone while it’s in the case and also take pics as well. Brilliant for catching those urgent calls and capturing those once in a lifetime images! 
UV skin damage is becoming a bit of a problem and prevention at an early stage is the best way forward. The poor old head is always the weak area (ears and nose especially) so covering up on the hot sunny days is really a good idea. Sun cream is a 100% necessity of course but coverage of the head (and the back of your neck) is even better, so why not spend £24.95 of your hard-earned cash on a Pro Limit UV Protection device (also know as a Floatable Hat). Available in two sizes and I hope we have more than 1 in stock!! 
Now for the weekends weather and Tides. I do hope it is better than last weekend as Saturday did not go at all to the plan.
Saturday.. is one for those that like to make the most of every daylight hour possible as we have wind coming in from the Sou’West 20-25kts.. at 5am! This will slowly decrease to 15-19kts Southerly by 13.00hrsfor the late risers and then swing around to the Sou’East during the afternoon dropping off even further to 10-13kts by early evening, for the ‘I went out last night’ crew. Temp is 15°C, cloudy skies and showers possible around 17.00hrs. Tide is High at 9.37hrs on a 5.1m.
Sunday the wind is back around the Sou’Sou-West and running at 19-24kts until early afternoon where again the think it will decrease to around 14kts but stay from the same direction. Could be a slightly sunnier day and the temp is given as 16°C max. Tide is High at 1029hrs on a 5.3m.
Looks like early mornings are the best but sadly the tides are High when the winds are in… typical. 
Oh well, could be worse. Don’t forget that it is the Goodwood Festival of Speed Weekend so traffic around the area could be ‘heavy’..  so why not come here and spend the days with us! 
Have a great weekend in Shoreham by Sea.. .The Place to be! 
Ta ra.
PS. You can see larger pics on our facebook page. Click Here

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