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Latest News - 20/05/2022

Yes it is Friday but time waits for no man ... so sorry!!


Evening All. Friday night has arrived and the Weekend is once more a go go!
And to get things off to a good start, it’s a windy Friday evening as well, so this is a quickie
as there is a slim chance I might get pleasantly WET, unlike this morning which was totally involuntary, due to that lovely period of precipitation (never seen so many soggy couriers!).
That was the final straw with my forecast App, I have now had enough of looking on the bright side and have deleted the BBC ‘Happy Weather App’ from my phone. It was rubbish as a forecast,  everything is bright and sunny until the morning of the actual day,  when it finally comes up with something resembling the TRUTH! And how it could differ so much from the BBC TV spoken forecast is quite staggering, so it has gawn.
(Note. Where do Apps go when you delete them? Surely they are an entity of some form.. ;)
I’m now trying the Met Office App… which I hope will be much better.  Only cause for concern is that the forecast for this morning was for zee Dirty Blood Red rain moving up from the Sahara and bringing along a temp of 15 degrees (air flow from that direction is usually warmer than that coming in from the West) so a bit of a shock to have ‘cold clean rain’ and a temp of only 9°C!  It could just have been an easy mistake to make (the Couriers would not see it that way..)so we will see how it goes over the next few weeks.
Few things to mention on the kit front..  we have traded in a Slingshot F Wing V1 foil, which has super early lift due to its Infinity 99 wing (2371 area) . It’s in VGC and ready to go at £675.00 (or you can have a new one now for £879.00).
If anyone is looking for a used Fanatic Sky 5’2” 85lt Wing board.. give us a call tomo as we know of one coming up.
Da Kine have dropped a shipment! We now have their windsurfing harness lines (£23.99) and also the Fly Wing harness( £160.00) plus their Wing harness line (£40.00)  all in stock. I will add pics tomo but no time to take tonight! We also have their upmarket Kite seat harness, called the Fusion, for those that still like the comfort factor of seats (£225.00).
Ensis have launched their Infinity foil, which is available in 1100, 1400 (£1699.00) and an 1800 (£1749.00) for heavier riders or very light wind opportunists. It’s a Carbon foil so the mast is super stiff. Carbon is not a lot lighter than alloy but the masts ‘bend / flex’ is minimum and that is what you are paying for. This is an Ensis foil made by SAB, so parts are interchangeable which is good news, as spares should be available worldwide. Price wise they are comparable so why buy an Ensis? Well, Ensis do supply you with a bag, as well as a set of fin covers, which cannot be bad and Ensis offer excellent customer service, which is another really good reason to consider this foil. First 1800 went out the door today and looking forward to the customer’s feedback.  Just as a note we now also have the Ensis Inflatable 145 Wing board and 1950 Foil package in stock. £1699.00 for the board, foil and leash or you can add a 5.1m Spin or 5.2m Score Wing for £650.00.
OK.. weekend weather time.
Saturday we have Sou West Winds and the Met say 12 -19kts at best during the afternoon, so perfect for Wings, Kites and poss. just Ok for Windsurf as well. The Tide is High 16.11hrs on a 5.7m. Temp is 16°C and cloudy but dry.
Sunday we have the winds swinging to the South and dropping to a light breeze at 7 -13kts .It will be SUNNY and a warm 19°C,  so a perfect day for the SUP’s to hit the water. Tide is High at 17.18hrs on a 5.4m.
And that is it for this week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend of fun and do drop by if you need ‘stuff’ to have memorable moments with.
Vive la Eurovision!!


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