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Latest News - 30/04/2022

Swim Zones in place from May 1st .

I mentioned the Safe Swim Zones in last nights Friday Ramble.. here is the letter from the Worthing Coastal Office andit's definitely worth a read if you are not aware of these zones and what they may mean to your time out on or in the water .
(PWC is Powered Water Craft)

Hi Danny and James. I hope 2022 has started off well for you and yours.

We had another very busy season in 2021 and with so many articles of late highlighting Worthing as a top destination for some summer beach days out, we are expecting another
influx of visitors along Adur and Worthing foreshore.

After sending out our pre-season letter to you all last year, and receiving such positive feedback, we have put together a similar send out for your reference. This covers many of the safety measures in place for shared watersports along our district's foreshore.

As you may already be aware, from 1st May we switch into summer season mode. This is when the following regulations are enforced and need to be adhered to by all in terms of water safety. Therefore, it would be beneficial if the following information was made available and circulated to your customers prior to heading out on the water.

As per last year, there are four designated swim zones along our coastline from 1st May to 30th September. These areas are marked out by landside yellow diamond signage and yellow special marker buoys at sea, these buoys have Swim Area stencilled on them. The swim zones are square/rectangular in shape and form an exclusion zone for any other sporting pursuit to enter. This includes all vessels, including jet skis (PWC) and all fishing is prohibited. Please Note, the Swim Area posts and signage at Shoreham are awaiting replacement, however these areas are still a designated swim area. The buoys will still be in position. 
Exceptions to the swim area are the use of domestic paddlesport equipment, snorkelling, inflatables and children’s light play or junior bodyboarding.

Swim Zone Maps:

Beach Green - Lancing

Widewater - Lancing

Ferry Road - Shoreham-by-Sea

Kingston - Southwick

We also ask that when setting up any watersport equipment to be aware that the beach

areas directly up from swim zones can be heavily populated with all ages and capabilities.

Therefore, it is advised to refrain from setting up your equipment in these designated areas.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing is permitted anywhere at sea outside the swim zones. We ask that you do not use any of the swim buoys for manoeuvres as this is the boundary for swimmers and should be avoided to minimise risk.

Lancing Beach has a designated zone specifically for kitesports and is split in sections for beginners and more advanced. More information on this can be found at here

Jet skis (PWC) are permitted anywhere at sea outside of the swim zones.

Be sure to remain clear of Shoreham harbour mouth and the shipping lane. Make sure your PWC is serviced before the first use of the year and follow the RYA pwc kit list:

Fire extinguisher

Distress flares (two orange smoke, 2pinpoint red, or 2 day/night flares (coastal)


Sharp knife, preferably serrated

Tow rope, minimum 6m, floating high-visibility line

Waterproof First aid kit containing (minimum) 2 large wound dressings, 2 medium

wound dressings and triangular bandages

Small Grapnel anchor

Tool kit


Hand bearing compass

Spare kill cord

If you plan to launch from Shoreham Harbour, please visit their webpage and take the time to read all relevant information on PWC operator requirements:

Additionally, we position yellow 8 knot special marker buoys running horizontally from Southwick Basin to our Ferring boundary. Although PWC and vessels are permitted within

this area, they must adhere to staying under 8 knots at all times whilst within the area from shoreline to the buoys.

There is a public launch ramp located off Alinora car park in Worthing, although there is no use of vehicles to aid launch and recovery. Any vehicles driven onto the beach will face police action.

Worthing Coastal Office is an additional service to the Coastguard. We undertake foreshore mechanised patrols daily east and west and during the summer season, when conditions

allow, we will also carry out water based patrols. With the start of high season weeks away and the popularity of visiting the south coast on the rise along with people taking up watersports, we hope the above information can be relayed to your customers to ensure safety for all is imperative.

We currently do not patrol through Adur District at this time, therefore if you have any enquiries regarding this area, please contact Environmental Services on 01273 263060 and they will notify the Park Rangers who oversee the foreshore in Adur.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or clarification on any of the above.

Further information can also be found on our website.

Our operating hours are:

Monday to Sunday 9am - 6pm (1st May - 30th September)

Kind regards,

Rebecca Belleni,

The Worthing Coastal Office team

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