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Latest News - 07/01/2022

Here we go again and Glads on SALE!

 Happy First Friday Evening of 2022 and what a weekend we have to follow.. rather wet and windy by all accounts. More of that later but let's get straight into the things we all love the best.. SALE items!

Gary and Emma from Gladiator iSUP dropped by on Wednesday to show us their 2022 range. The Light boards (entry level) are renamed for this year and have an all new look. Pro and Elite Models remain but again have been reworked for 2022. I will go more into the exact changes when we are closer to the launch date but that means that we (and everyone else) are clearing their stock of 2021 models which all arrived rather late (during the Autumn) due to shipping issues! We are matching the web offers and it would seem that no one wants to make any money as the majority are offering 15% off the RRP. You can see the boards we have in the shop by clicking on the below link and their New Price tags. All of these boards are 'packages' (pump, paddle bag, leash, repair kit...oh and a board), come with full warranty and are sealed in their boxes! When they are gone..they are gone, so do not delay and snap up a bargain . CLICK HERE for the Link.

The first Used Windsurf Boards of 2022 have turned up and they are both 'popular' models. First up is a Severne Dyno Mk2 105lt 2020, in that classy Blue and Orange livery. Comes complete with a Severne Board Bag (sorry no pic) and its original fin set. It's in VGC and can be taken away for a £1 less than £1100!
Next up is a 2018 RRD V4 Wood Freestyle Wave 96lt, which although having light pickling on the rails due to being in a board bag (not an issue, just cosmetic) a slight ding to the nose (again cosmetic but would seal with paint to be safe), a mark on the underside and paint chipped on one part of a rail.. It's s a good buy at £595.00 for anyone wanting a board they can just ride and not be too mollycoddling with! Def worth a look.

It's official.. the flag pole went up on the beach entrance at Ferry Road and now there is a GREEN FLAG on it. Yes, Shoreham Beach (or part of it)  has been designated a Green Flag Beach for 21-22, which is great but what does it mean? I found this on the web..

The Green Flag Award® scheme recognises and rewards well managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world.

 Purpose & aims

  • To ensure that everybody has access to quality green and other open spaces, irrespective of where they live.
  • To ensure that these spaces are appropriately managed and meet the needs of the communities that they serve.
  • To establish standards of good management.
  • To promote and share good practice amongst the green space sector.
  • To recognise and reward the hard work of managers, staff and volunteers.

(Shoreham's write up is.. )

The site is a beautiful stretch of beach that will not be found anywhere else, and has an odd sensation when walking along its recycled plastic boardwalk. An odd realism of a wonderful meadow teaming with life, but yet the screeching of gulls and the lapping of waves against the shingle shores. The boardwalk that stretches the majority of the Eastern end of Shoreham Beach is a wonderful accessible route for all to use, with seating situated along the way, this also protects this beautiful and rare habitat.

So that's why we now have a Green Flag. To be honest I would have been much happier with a Blue One but Green is fine!
And now the weekends weather and tides (we should have our Tide Tables Wednesday of next week).
Saturday, Windguru give a max of 24 gusting 40kts Sou'West during the late morning and afternoon, Met Office say 20kts gusting 38kts with aprox. the same timing but they say Westerly in afternoon. Both agree on RAIN and a 10°C Temp. Tides is High at 15.21hrs on a 5.6m.. not that helpful but could be worse'.
Sunday it looks to be West-Nor 'West with anything between 10- 23kts and dropping in the afternoon. Dry but the Temp dips down to 7°C. Tide is High at 16.10hrs on a 5.3m

And that's it for tonight, apart from saying Bon Voyage to an old friend who has been a Windsurfer on Shoreham Beach for as long as I can remember. Steve Doidge (Aircraft Comms Technician) is retiring to Australia. It would be nice to wish him well but to be honest I am still pig sick about it and downright jealous! :) We will MISS YOU Steve and hope that you have great time in Perth.. Do send us that pic of your new Beach.

 Arrivederci all and please, have a great weekend!


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