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Latest News - 12/11/2021

Once again into the Weekend we go and SUP's R Us!

It's the 12th November, it's a Friday and it was a Windy Friday at that!

Not that the winds were as good as we had all hoped as many found it to be lacking and the heavy rain squalls took some of the 'fun factor' out of it..but it was Windy! That looks to be it for the next week (if the current forecast is to be believed) which is a real shame as .. it's the weekend! 
Talking of windsports we have found a new way to ensure a board sells! When we want to sell a windsurfing board it is becoming clear that the fool proof way is that I strap it up for myself and put it in to the van,  and then wait.
The first case of this concerned a lovely  JP Magic Wave 82lt and that was in there approx. four days before a customer called up and asked if we had one in stock.. so a day later out of the van it came and off it went with its new owner. 
Second board was a Starboard Quad 84 which we have had on offer for a while... quite a while in fact! Slightly big for my weight but that is not a problem so strapped it up and in the van it went.. until today when the phone rang and off it went with its new owner. It's either a wonderful way to sell or maybe there is a conspiracy going on here! 
New SUP Kit arrivals this week..  James Connor from Starboard UK dropped by this morning and delivered a board that was ordered in December 2020 (no, James had not got lost getting here). The board is a Starboard Blend Element  9'8" x 32"in the Lite Tech construction, which are an incredibly cheap purchase at £899.00! These boards come out of the Cobra Factory in Thailand who are  renowned for being 'probably' the best composite board mass producer in the world. It's a wide style wave orientated board and you can 'Read all about it' by Clicking Here 
Just as a reminder, in case it's not quite what You are looking for,  these are the current NEW composite SUP boards we have available to purchase right NOW!  No waiting.. they are in stock.
FANATIC Allwave 9'3" x 32"  2022 £1299.00
FANATIC Allwave 9'7" x 32.5" 2022 £1299.00
FANATIC Stylemaster Bamboo 10' x 30.5" 2021 £1349.00

RRD LongSup  WOOD 9'4" x29" Y25 £1099.00
STARBOARD Wedge 8'7" x 32" Starlite £1365.00
STARBOARD Blend Element 9'8" x 30" Lite Tech £899.00
STARBOARD Wedge 10'5" x 32" Lite Tech £899.00
STARBOARD Whopper 10'0" x 34" Lite Tech £899.00
STARBOARD Generation 12'6" x 28" x 6.3" Lite Tech £1079.00
Now for the weekends weather..
Saturday we have a dry day with winds coming down from the Nor' West at around 15kts during the morning and then dropping back to around 8kts by mid afternoon. Temps are holding up 'well' as the forecasters say we can expect 14°C. Tide is High at 06.20hrs on a 5.1m making the Low around midday.  It would have been great for wind sports but not that helpful for River paddling, unless you plan to go up River late afternoon on the flooding tide. Early morning still shows a 1m wave so that could be fun on a SUP and poss. a Wing Foil, as the offshore wind will hold the wave face up.
Sunday the winds turn to a Northerly at around 15kts, which will be chilly for sure (even though the forecast show 12°C) but it should be dry again, allegedly! Tide hits High at 07.36hrs on a 5.3m.
And that's it for tonight. If you have noticed pictures and videos are going missing from our website and Facebook page, it's because we are having to remove them..a real shame but more about that in the future.
Have a great weekend and please look after Your NHS (we pay for it so we should look after it!) 

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