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Latest News - 05/11/2021

Bonfires, Floods, Reds and Da Bombs are here.. and so is the Weekend!

 Yes, Friday Night is here and  thanks to a chap called Guy Fawkes it's the 'Whoosh and Bang' Weekend!

It used to be Guy Fawkes 'Night' but as all of us in the UK now know, it has been spread over a couple of months (for those outside of the UK  the business orientated Party Bonfires jostle to get theirs in early or later.. a bit like Christmas, which in a lot of places has already started!). Lewes is of course the Biggest Bonfire Party locally but that has become a bit of a nightmare,  with so many people now wishing to go along.  Shoreham Bonfire Society deceased  in 2019 and as far as I know there is not an official  local 'Bonfire Party' tonight (anyone know different.. please Comment!) so I guess that would make Worthing  the closest. Weather looks to be dry and the temps are coming up.. could be a nice evening for a change! Talking of change...
There is a rather interesting, if not slightly alarming, article on the Sussex Live website. Generated by the COP26 talks in Glasgow they have published the current view on areas of coastline to be lost to the sea, due to climate change. The 'flooding maps' for our region if correct time scale wise, are not as we have heard in the past, apart from the Littlehampton - East Preston area, which was said to be under threat quite a few years back. I think Shoreham has a longer prospect than stated but I guess that will depend upon how things go (you can just imagine the Dive Boats lined up at Steyning Harbour, taking people out to dive  Shoreham -under -Sea) Anyhow, it's worth taking a look and if you are affected..  maybe put the house on the market? I am not sure we should take this as gospel but we are all aware that things will change within our coastal region, as the sea level can only rise with the loss of Permafrost and other land based frozen water areas (water based ice should not increase sea levels when it thaws.. as far as I know). I guess we have interesting times ahead..
On a kit note.. as kit is what we do.. the first 2022 Red Paddle boards have arrived and we have the Rides in 10'6" in Std. and also SE edition (purple board) plus the 10'8" for those that want super stability. All priced at £999.00 with the Hybrid Tough paddle. Then there are the two 12'6"boards for those that want to go places.. The 30" Sport for the fast paddler at £1199.00 and the wider 'refined paddlers'  32" Voyager at £1299.00. Both prices include a Hybrid Tough paddle. They all have the new breakdown bag and updates to their tech and graphics, which can be found at
Windsurf Used Kit.. we have a 2018 Tabou Da Bomb 84lt Tri fin' just in'. The Da Bomb is a fast wave board suited to South Coast conditions (faster to plane than a rockered side shore board and slightly more back foot orientated when turning) and this one is in very good condition. There are chips on the underside and rail edges (water based paints..) but the Kevlar re-enforced deck is in great condition, as are the fins and straps. It is up for  £650.00 and 'I think' the first to view will buy! (You can see larger pics on our facebook page.. I hope)
Interesting times are also a coming this weekend!
We have a forecast of 23-30kts Sou'West for tomorrow afternoon and amazingly it's looking dry!  
Temp of 13°C with a perfect Tide Time of 11.47hrs on a 6.7m (Shoreham should be OK by 3pm for a safe Launch).
Sunday it backs around to a Nor'West wind and drops to 18-25kts, so a trip to Bracklesham would be favourable. The air temp does drop due to the wind direction but still in double figures (we do have Winter wetsuits available..). High tide is at 12.29hrs on a 6.6m. Both days will be good for River paddling if it's protected from the Wind or if you are just on a one way trip heading inland!
And that is it for this week. Please watch out for low flying rockets, do take care out on the water and please avoid having to seek medical attention.. but  do have the time of your life! 

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