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Latest News - 15/10/2021

Here we go again.. it is The Weekend!

 As many of you will know.. it's Friday Night and we are once again at the Weekend!

Hopefully everyone has a plan involving fun on the water,  as the weather outlook currently shows it as being a good weekend for the peacefulness of Wings , Foils and SUP's on Saturday followed by the possibility of Windsurfing and Kites on the Sunday (next week we have  a complete change into rather rowdy Gale Force winds!). Fingers crossed they have it right!
Short and sweet tonight so moving on...
New arrivals in house this week.. the New Naish S26 Matador Wings are in. 
We have all three sizes, which are  3m - 4m - 5m, in both the Red and the Orange colour ways.
Prices for the Wing and Wrist Leash are £679.00 - £729.00 - £769.00
These are Wave Riders Wings and who else is better to explain them than Robby himself.. link is
Also through the door was an MB Albatross 98 Foil board (Balz Mullers boards.. BM backwards?) , which is fast becoming a go to size for an average weight rider to learn and progress on, but that is re. average weight riders, so don't go too small to start with if you are over 85kg as a lot of riders have said it made learning a lot tougher than it should have been (we have a 118lt version for you!). The Albatros boards are supplied with Bag, 3 x footstraps and a waist leash, with the 98 selling for £1375.00 and a 118 £1399.00.  The pic is just of the bag as the boards are so nicely wrapped we like to leave them that way until a purchaser arrives but they now have a website so you can see and find out  more at...
Found a couple of Ladies Neil Pryde Windsurf single lined 5/3mm super warm wetsuits in a box today (we find various things that have got lost in the bottom of a box...) . I say windsurf as single lined neoprene is not that durable, especially when using it in sit-on boats or crawling up onto SUP's or being dragged down the beach behind your kite, but at £99.00 if you used it for a couple of years you would have had a bargain! Single Lined does not let wind penetrate so their warmth factor when out of the water (standing on a board) is superb compared to most double lined wetsuits.
Only two suits available and both are size 40/L.. just £99.00 each.
Now for the weekends Weather and Tides.
Saturday it is predicted to be Southerly wind at 8-15kts. Winds from the South are not great for High Tide on the Beach  (especially when it is a Neap tide) but the estuary might just be OK for Wings if the early morning winds are strong enough and there is enough water! High is at 9.11hrs on a 5.2m. The afternoon low will be at around 15.30hrs so coming to the beach may be better for late risers.
Sunday the winds stay from the South but it is forecast to increase to 15-20kts. Again the estuary may work during the High, which is 10.07hrs on a 5.7m (better water wise as well). More fun is likely to be had when the tide has dropped and launching from the beach is a go go (approx 3hrs after High on a South wind with a 5.7m tide).
And that is that. No Saturday morning pics on Facebook this week as I will not be at the shop but James will be in (which is good otherwise we would be closed..) and offering fantastic deals on anything you are interested in ( I made that bit up but if you don't ask..). 
Have a great weekend and thanks again to everyone in the NHS for being there when we need you!

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