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Latest News - 01/10/2021

Winds, Rain and Bikes, some that mingle with the Planes

 Evening All.. yes Friday Night has come around that quick and the first Weekend of October starts here! Guess what, No moans about anything tonight as I will lose the will to live if I allow anymore brain cells to dwell on the current situation of the ongoing supply problems that seem to be getting worse and still no sign of the Lone Ranger sorting it out (my nickname for BJ) !

So much going on in Surf World at the moment it's hard to keep up. The winds have kick started the wind sports off and luckily we have been able to supply most people's needs from stock (apart from those looking for Newcomers boards.. if you have a fairly modern high volume board, pref. with a dagger, please let us know!) . I say luckily as much of the 2021 stock that we ordered a year ago has still not arrived, which is a bit odd as we are now concentrating on the 2022 kit pre-orders. That in itself is quite difficult to do when we are already being told of delays on the 2022 kit that has been ordered. It makes you feel quite sceptical about forward ordering on such long lead times, especially in an industry where the  'New and Improved' are launched everyday on the net.  I guess that is currently the way the cookies are crumbling and before anyone says this IS a moan it's not.. was just a brain cell emptying! :)

 What is looking good this weekend is the weather (not sure I want to mention it after last weekend fiasco..) as the wind farm should be producing mega amounts of Leccy which is bound to mean cheaper power for us all! Sadly they are saying that we will also get huge amounts of rain on Saturday (turbines in the drains and sewers could do well in this country..) and the Southerly wind direction and strength do not suit the Neap tides ( the onshore winds are  not good when the tide does not move too much) . Pagham would have been the place of choice a few years back but now that is quite limited,  low Tide locally will be your best bet. So what better time than now for the weekends Tides and Weather.

Saturday Southerly Winds 25-30kts in the morning and then going crazy as 35-52kts in the afternoon and early evening. Rainfall heavier with Crazy Wind. Tide is High at 08.51hrs on a 4.9m so low is around 2pm.

Sunday the winds die off and  go around to the West in the morning 10-15kts and then back Sou'West early afternoon and pick up to 24-30kts. Lighter rain showers during the day! Tide is High at 9.49hrs on a 5.4m so a better tidal range.

So this weekend is all about Wind but also all about Motorbikes. One of our Shoreham locals who I won't mention by name (a World Champion at certain things..) is Racing at Brands Hatch Indy Circuit this weekend and he is as about as Water Orientated as anyone can be, so I am wishing him well on what will be a difficult track to ride in very wet conditions. The other link is that the Pioneer Run (usually takes place in March) is happening on Sunday and for the first time ever it will finish at... Shoreham Airport! I am glad that they at least will have the lesser of the two evil days to deal with and do hope that they've organised fuel to get home!

 Have a great weekend and please do not at anytime find the need to seek Medical Attention! The NHS are still a bit busy..

 Click Here for more Info on the Pioneer Run

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