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Latest News - 27/08/2021

Holiday Weekend and ITS ALL HAPPENING... somewhere?

Here we go..Friday evening and we are about to enjoy the last Bank Holiday Weekend of the Year! I say WE but I guess there are quite a few of you, like ourselves, who will be working all the way through the Three Day Hols. We feel for you and hope that it all goes well! :)

Opening Times are 9.30 - 5.30pm Saturday
10.00 - 4.00pm Sunday and Monday

Events for the holiday are usually abundant but this year locally the only two I can find which are water or beach related are..
Shoreham's Sussex Yacht Club are running SUP Taster Sessions this Saturday (Sunday is apparently cancelled although still on the site) at £20.00 for an hour's paddling on the Estuary. They are designed for Members of the SYC but you can join for the day and if you decide to 'stay a member' to have use of the facilities and the Club Bar, it could prove money well spent. Tickets available here and we have just heard they have nine spaces left on Saturday..
If you really enjoy it then nip over the bridge and drop in here to get yourself kitted up, as we have a good stock of paddle boards from Fanatic, Gladiator, JP, O'shea, Red Paddle, Sola, STX and TWF, with adult sized boards starting from £375.00 for a TWF 10'6" but try and spend as much as you can, as the more you spend the less the BEND! 
Now, how about helping out at a Brighton Beach Clean organised by The Churchill Shopping Centre.. runs from 11am until 1.00pm on Sunday. You can Clean Brighton Beach for Free and then get a discount on your lunch at an associated outlet. All very worthwhile but please don't take your lunch packaging back to the beach... as if you would!  Apply for Tickets below.
The biggest event locally is David's Tent at Wiston House (between Steyning and Washington) which is a three day religious gathering that draws in thousands of people to the parklands around the House but thankfully it does not produce the road congestion you would think it might... which won't be the case at Silverstone, as the MotoGP is on this weekend.
Winging is becoming the light wind sport of the future with people from all other wind disciplines and SUP foil now taking part (as well as the totally New to watersports). Packages from the same manufacturer are of course the best way to know that your Wing, Board and Foil are all perfectly suited (that way you will also know that it's not the kits fault if things don't go as easy as you thought). We now have a brilliant package from F-ONE which combines their Rocket ASC 110lt board with the Gravity FCT foil and the Swing V2 5.0m. All available as single items of course but can currently be purchased as a package for £2550.00. We have just two packages available at the moment so do call if interested. Click Here for more information!
We do have other boards from F-One, as per their inflatable Rocket Air 7'2" which is a great board for heavier riders or for practising wing skills without a foil (it has a set of fins to enable use without a foil) as well as kit from many other manufacturers but sadly we have not had time to load it onto our website 
And  now for the weekends weather and Tides.
Saturday we have a Nor' Nor' East wind running between 11 and 17kts which is 'not' that useful for anywhere local for any form of wind sport.. sadly it is in for the weekend. Tides are High at 15.45hrs on a 5.7m so good for River Paddling.
Sunday the NNE continues but drops off to 6-10kts.. even less useful but maybe not so annoying for those paddling as the tide is still good for Rivers as High is at 16.13hrs on a 5.4m.
Monday the wind is again NNE but quite strong early morning as gusting 23kts. This does not last and by the afternoon it will swing more to a Nor' East direction but drops off to 11kts max.
Tide is High at 16.52 on a 5m so Rivers will be getting low on water!
And that is that for tonight. Hope everyone has a fantastic Holiday Weekend and please do still spare a thought for everyone we know working their little socks off in the NHS, as they are still dealing with the Covid Outfall. 

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