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Latest News - 26/03/2021

THIS IS THE ONE.. it's the BST Weekend!!

 This is the one.. the weekend we have all been waiting for.. it’s the one when THE CLOCKS GO FORWARD!!  Oh Yes, in a World with very little to be particularly cheery about this should bring the biggest smile to anyone’s face who wants more out of life than a ruddy electronic screen can offer. Freedom to play after the working day is done is back and I for one am really happy about it… apart from the fact that we now stay OPEN until 4pm on a SUNDAY. Pooh.

Another week passes by and March is almost done. I find it truly amazing how quickly time is flying by,  as we are already a quarter of the way through the year!!  I know some people are wishing away the days until the Lockdown restrictions end but time is precious and life goes too quickly anyhow, so I wish it would just slow up a little, at least so I can catch my breath (hmmm.. not a good thing to say at the moment.. a bit like ‘Greed and Capitalism’.. bad timing MR B!).
 One thing that definitely is not flying by is ships on the Suez Canal. This really is a disaster as if ‘supply’ was not already at an all time low , we know of at least four containers of Watersports kit that are actually ‘stuck’  on the ill fated Evergreen herself.  I hate to think how many more are on ships in the queue behind her  but for sure this is going to add weeks of further delays,  as even when the ‘blockage’ is cleared  all of the delayed ships will have missed their docking slots and will have to re-book to unload. In a year that has been the ‘The Year of All Years’ for delays,  this is not what we needed! We will however do our best to update every one of the repercussions should you have something on order with us. So what else has happened…
Paddle boards. We had hoped for STX paddleboards to have arrived by now but they are lost in the world of customs and shipping. We are hoping that they arrive next week as Easter is the weekend following (told you time was flying.. have not done Christmas yet!!). Not that we can open our doors to customers but you can still collect.  Good news is that we do have both sizes of the Fanatic Diamond iSUP in stock, as well as a Ray Air now available! You can check current stock via this link.. CLICK HERE
So, what does the weather have in store for us this weekend? 
Saturday is a bright sunny day with a fresh 18kt wind from the West. Temps will be hitting a high of 10 degrees (pretty low for this time of my opinion). Tide is High at 10.09hrs on a 6m so early doors for a SUP or WING foil on the estuary. 
Sunday BRITISH SUMMER TIME returns (yes!!) and the Tide jumps to being High at 11.52 hrs.
The day is looking more overcast with winds moving around to the Sou’West at 22kts. Highest temp is 12°C (better!)  AND IT WON’T BE DARK until 7.30pm.
And that is it. I have had enough of this particular screen and it is TIME to stop. Don’t forget to move your time pieces on an hour before bed on Saturday evening and have a great time this weekend, now that Summer is officially back!
Love Life.. Love Your NHS (or BUPA?)

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