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Latest News - 29/01/2021

Here we are again.. isn't it great.. the WEEKEND IS BACK!

 Fanfare please.. IT IS THE WEEKEND! We have made it through another week and 

I hope everyone is well and staying sane. The weather has perked up a bit which really has brought light to the end of the seemingly never ending winter tunnel. Now, if only we could have a little less rain.. Please.. but don’t get funny and turn it into snow for the next 2 months! So what News do we have this week... 
Levi Siver wants local Film Stars! Yes, you too could be on the Goya Website in glorious Technicolor. 
All you have to do is find time to put together a short video (90 SECS MAX) of you out sailing at your favourite sailing location along with anywhere close by that is good to grab a coffee afterwards (when they are open of course!) On the water shots will be a big part of it but also a bit of banter at your favourite Après Windsurf venues. I like the idea! It's a great move to let people see a little reality on Goya World, rather than just those happy days clips of SUN sailing Maui (yes, it’s only because we are jealous!). Of course one drawback is that we are in the darkest depths of Winter so getting good video is not easy but it will reflect the reality of our troll like lives, so go with whatever you can get. Is there a criteria for this?? No, apart from you do need to be using Goya Sails or a Goya Board of course. If this sounds of interest please contact us and we will send you Levi Sivers email.
Duotone are launching their two Freeride Slalom Sails this coming Monday Feb 1st. The Cammed S-Pace along with the No-Cam E-Pace are looking good for 2021 and you can be in on the launch by using the two links listed below (they go Live on Monday).
That is all I can say at the moment as we are sworn to secrecy but here’s a thing, there’s also a Fanatic Launch to view as well! This is going Live on the Fanatic Website on Monday 13.00hrs CET and features the NEW Ultra Blast-Rat Edition plus the 2021 Gecko and Jag ranges. The boards fit in nicely with the S and E Paces sails so you could put a pair together for a little summer cruising, which will be here before you know it.
Our January shipment of Gladiator and Red Paddle inflatable SUP Boards has just arrived. Not totally sure what boards we have spare at the moment but if you are keen to get on the water then call us at the shop tomorrow and I can tell you what we can do! Talking of being out on the water, we have a lovely On Board shot from a customer, who we will call Wes, just in case he should have been at work, whose local paddle is up the Arun from Littlehampton. This was taken on Thursday and what a lovely place to stop and take afternoon tea! Many thanks ‘Wes’!
Oh No..  I am running out of room (still have not managed to log onto our page and if anyone works at Facebook..HELP!!) so for the last weekend in January here’s the Weather and Tides.
Saturday we are in for a cooling thanks to a 20-34kt Nor’East wind bringing 6°C our way again. Not much use at Shoreham so if Pagham or Pevensey are local to you, you are in luck if desperate to get out. Rain is also on the menu but mainly for the morning. Tide’s High at 12.10hrs on a 6.17m. Shoreham still has Flood warnings in place. The Estuary will be great to paddle around but I would avoid getting a mouthful of the lovely brown water, as flooding inland means the drains can get washed out into the rivers.
Sunday the winds back more to the East at 16-23kts but the temp drops another couple of degrees, down to 4°C. Should be dry all day though. Tide is High at 12.49hr on a 6.2m for the last day of January 2021,
And that is it for this Friday evening except to say that a good mate from my younger days was claimed by Covid this week. I can’t name him as his family has asked for no mention on social media but I can’t not mention his passing. We met up a few years back, sadly at another friends funeral, and as with all mates that you have spent a part of your life with, they always make you smile and bring a rush of those good times back to you, He told me then that he had been diagnosed with leukaemia but that it was ‘in check’ and not stopping him from ‘living’. He was a big man and feared little but I guess he was in the ‘Underlying Heath Issues’ bracket. Perhaps I should have expected the text that arrived on Tuesday afternoon but you don’t do you.. Guys like him will live forever.
My heartfelt thanks to the caring people that looked after him during his last days. I guess I now know that they are very busy people.
Get out there and enjoy the Weekend!

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