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Latest News - 22/01/2021

It's the weekend and Rain drops keep falling on my head.. sort of

 Well.. Friday evening has come around again and that must mean we are at the weekend!

Hopefully you have all had a reasonable if not a brilliant week,  during this first month of many in Lockdown World.. where else would you rather be! Now there is a question it would not take long to find an answer for but I know another question that I can answer quickly too, which is where I don’t want to be! So I guess being Happy with what you currently have is..  as Good as it Gets!
As for getting good at the Mega Store, it WAS bumbling along quite nicely this week! We had a happy number of local customers come along who had Clicked (which means called and paid with us) and then Collected,  which we know would have been a larger number if more of you could have come to the beaches to play with Storm Christoph  , and then a reasonable amount of forward orders from customers which keep the bills paid as the kit rolls in and then pays us when it rolls out again. Sadly the fun all came to an end yesterday,  as once again we have had water coming in through the shop ceiling, which is a nightmare! You may remember this time last year we had the same thing happen,  only this time it was in a less ‘helpful’ place.. it has come through above  the board rack by the counter and although I guess it created a lovely water feature (James was in at the time and was alerted by a strange running  water sound) the said feature ended its downward journey on all of the wetsuit boot and shoe boxes, sitting below the boards. Yes I know.. they are designed to get wet but no one wants to BUY soggy boots, so James has been frantically trying to dry everything out today. Stop Press! I have just heard that the leak has now been fixed .. phew..  Happy Days ARE HERE AGAIN! It never rains but it pours ..
Early finish tonight, for once, as I have a Zoom meeting in 10 mins! 
So now to the weekends weather and Tides.
Saturday.. Nor’West Winds 14kts with a chilly 4°C temperature (should suit Marcus!). No rain though we hope. Tide is High at 06.30hrs on a 4.8m Neap (low at 12.51hrs).
Sunday is a bit odd.. winds in from the South West  at 20kts (backing to Nor’West in the late afternoon) but with a similar air temp to Saturday combined with rain or SLEET showers, so Marcus should be happy again!  Tide hits a High at 07.35hrs on a 4.9m (low at 14.11hrs).
That is it.. as always please stay as safe as you can if you are using the water for your daily exercise and to answer an enquiry we had re.’ why are watersports shops not treated like bike shops’, well it’s because bikes are seen by the Government as a transport mode to go to work on,  whereas  watersports kit is seen as a reason for most users not making it to work, especially when the conditions are great! Good luck to everyone who is working in the hospitals and to all of those who are looking after us in other ways as well. Have a great weekend.

Cat Picture Courtesy of ARRE 

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