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Latest News - 27/11/2020

Roll up Roll up.. Lockdown ending and this one is for 2 weeks!

 Roll up, Roll Up! Black Friday evening is here and the Sale of all sales continues!  Not sure how your day went but it wasn’t black here, just a bit overcast and gloomy thanks to the weather!  As far as Sale Days go, we still do not get this UK version of the long standing American ‘clear out’ of last year’s products prior to the arrival of the NEW, ready for the Christmas shoppers, which does make perfectly good sense. In the UK’s Watersports shops clearance of last year’s boards, sails, wetsuits etc.  is going on pretty much all of the time, so it does not really apply and hence we don’t see the point. If there is something you were interested in buying then I hope we will be competitive, even to the point of price matching if it’s a true clearance item. Current  2021 stock is still all in short supply due to the current demand in the Sun soaked Southern hemisphere but if you do get a very good offer and would also like your local service and backup.. please run it past us as we will always try to supply when we can. Enough of Black Friday, we are now at the start of the weekend and it could be the last of Lockdown before we move onto Happy Tier Two World!  Yes folks, the Light is still on at the end of the tunnel.


 Short and sweet tonight as it has been another hectic week, even though the weather may not have seemed ‘great’ for being out on the water. One thing that I need to mention is that this is it for the next two weeks, no blog next Friday as I will be off from Monday. Sadly nothing exciting on the agenda, just a week at home renovating the inside of our house which is in need of urgent attention but guess what, not a single pot of paint reduced for Black Friday!


The Weekends weather and High Tide times... 

Saturday we have a bit of an oddity... the forecast is for Easterly Winds at 12-15kts with an air temp of 11 degrees, so we may have Game On for Kites and Foils.  SUP as well if you fancy doing a reverse Down Winder along the coast. Tide hits high at 9.58hrs on a 5.8m so perfect conditions for Shoreham mid-day onwards.

Sunday the wind swings to the Nor ‘East and drops to around 9kts, as does the temp, which will feel a lot less pleasant at 7 degrees. Tide is High at 10.30am and is a 5.97m.

So one out of two days is looking pretty good and no rain mentioned at the moment… whoop!


That is it, 8.22pm and I am finished.. washed out.. had it!


I hope everyone, wherever you may be, is looking forward to another weekend in Paradise... hey, where else would you rather be! 
Have a good one.

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