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Latest News - 25/09/2020

Friggin heck.. it's the Weekend but where did Autumn GO?

 The weekend is here and WINTER has raised its head a tad too early for my liking! What a violent change to the temperatures.. you can always trust the UK weather to throw in a surprise just when you are not ready for it. I know the forecasters said we would be in for ‘cooler’ weather but 8 degrees was not quite the figure they quoted.. must have surprised them as well! It looks as though we have this strong and cold Nor’West wind in for the weekend but at least if we get sun then there is a chance of a slightly warmer ‘climate’ to possibly play in. WINTER WETSUITS time!

Another incredibly busy week in Ladleland and we are still playing catch up with all of the back orders, some of which are just late and others which are creating ‘changes of plan’ regarding what is actually available. All credit to the suppliers though as shipping times are almost getting back to normal.. or it could be they have just changed the way they have to operate. A lot of talk now about how things may have to be for the future and how shops and suppliers will be able to supply a higher demand for kit. Covid has also created more difficulties in the shop as we now keep a register of who visits us and we also now have to wear masks when customers are with us..  sorry if we sound muffled on the phone! Thankfully we will not be operating ‘table service’. Please be patient and please remember to wear a mask or some type of face covering. 
We are building up our stock of Wing foiling kit as this seems to be the way the foiling market is moving forward in our area. Windsurf foiling is still the easiest form of foiling available but a lot of people are drawn to Wings as it offers a different ‘feel’ (more of a free surfing feel) and one that worldwide has grown faster than most would have predicted. Supply is of course playing catch up but there is huge choice across the brands. Sadly it is not a cheap sport but nothing that is adrenalin based ever is and eventually used kit will bring the price down for those that currently see it as outside their budget. We are trying to put together demo kit as we know that everyone wants to try before they buy. 
Used Windsurf kit ..  we have a couple of boards to mention. A VGC Quatro Tempo Twin 76lt 2010 which has two sets of MFC fins with it for varied conditions. Twinsers are a perfect board for our waves as the tail can be slid around to make turning on small waves a lot easier.. you should try one if you never have.  £250.00 is the asking price.
There is a Fanatic Gecko 120 HRS 2019 coming in the next few days. These boards are great progression machines, wide and stable but thin to allow the rails to grip easily, which aids the rider who is desperately trying to crack carve gybes. No idea of the price but I guess it will be around £725.00 if it as good as I think.. Let us know if you are interested.
Three Used Ezzy Taka sails for those that love a semi soft wave sail for pure wave riding fun.
They are…
Taka 4 4.1m 2018 VGC £325.00
Taka 3 4.7m 2017 GC £270.00
Taka 5 5.3m 2019 VGC £375.00
If you want all three we will make a ‘good price’ for you!
We are updating the site as best we can but it is still being really difficult to keep on top of everything when we are solely in the shop without having the backup of the other looking after emails and calls. Oh how nice it will be when we can both be in there again!
And that is enough for tonight as I am in need of food and my eyes have had enough of looking at this screen, so here is the weekends weather and the Tides.
Saturday the winds will be a strong Nor’West 20kts gusting 30kt (it may even be closer to North so do check before travelling). Tide hits High at 20.21pm (low at 13.59hrs) and is a mere 4.8m, so that pretty much rules out the river for any foiling. It is a trip to the Witterings area or the North Kent coast if you want to use that wind but as I said, check the direction before you go.
Sunday is almost a dead ringer of Saturday with the winds maybe a tad more to the North but the same strength. Tides are 5.1m and will hit High at 21.35hrs, Low at 15.12hrs.
 It will be a chilly weekend compared to anything we have had since March!
Have a good time whatever you get up to and stay warm.. Now is probably not a good time to get a chill!

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