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Latest News - 21/08/2020

Friggin'eck. It's a VERY WIND WEEKEND!

Friggin eck.. what a windy day today was and looks as though we are heading into an exceptionally windy few days! Working from home today and the wind was beating up the garden..  stuff flying everywhere.. so I guess the coast was quite exciting and that some of you had a brilliant day and others.. did not. Tomorrow will please those who like ‘hang on’ sailing conditions and hopefully Sunday will bring a happier look to those that don’t. Whatever, please Note that Suppliers will scrutinise any Warranty Claims made after the weekend! 

Waves will be heading our way with the strong winds driving up the English Channel, which is perfect timing, as there is a super looking new Tri Fin board just about to be launched by Fanatic! At this time all I can say at the moment is that it has been before but not like it is now.
The Swiss are known for many things and engineering is one,  hence we have added the Ensis Foil Wings to our Portfolio. These wings have had interesting reviews and tests by those who say they know about these things, and it seems that the canopy sizes seem to be able to produce an amazing amount of lift. Ensis say that this is due to the larger leading edge of their wings so we thought they were worth a look. The wings are also sparsely ladened with handles so that the rider can slide their hands to trim the wing rather than ‘move them’, as with most other non boomed wings. Believing is seeing and I believe we will be seeing them at the shop this coming week (20.10hrs and still waiting for a call from James to confirm my beliefs!). Sizes and Pricing are..
3.5m £645.00 4.0m £695.00 4.5m £755.00 5.2m £825.00 6.0m £875.00
The Dutch company STX have released a 2021 iSUP Race board a tad early. I guess as they were already made it seemed silly to have something that the whole World currently wants sitting in a warehouse! It might be called a Race Board but we think this is a board for going places, and in style. At 14’0” long, with a width of 30” and at 6” thick, plus 380lt of volume and a stowage area fore and aft, this board is meant for touring paddlers, who may of course also have a club that runs fun races! We are getting just the one this coming week (I believe..) and it won’t be around for long as the boards are priced at £699.00 which for a board of this type is ‘very good’!  
(Apologies for the pictures.. no idea why they have all rotated. You can see better pics by clicking here!)
And that is it for tonight, especially as this is the second time I have had to write this blog, as good old technology dumped the original (my fault for writing it straight onto the facebook page rather than as a word doc… what a plonker!).
Weather and Tides for the weekend are
Saturday .. friggin windy from tut Sou’West and the tides will be High at 14.26hrs on a 6.6m (flood defences may well get tested and will Climping beach survive?)
Sunday.. not quite so friggin windy at 20-26kts Sou’West and Tide is High at 15.11hrs on a 6.5m
Good luck, have fun, stay safe.. if you can!

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