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Latest News - 07/08/2020

Later than EVER but still.. it's The Weekend and it's a HOT ONE!

 10.15pm on a Friday night and we are at the Weekend once again... and once again I have to apologise for a lack of content as it is at the end of another stupidly long day in the Mega Store but I always feel that 'something' should be posted! The beach is busy.. as busy as a Bank 

Holiday but on a daily basis.. and it is really wonderful to see so many people enjoying the fantastic weather the UK is being blessed with this year.. and to be able to supply water toys to make people enjoy the time they have to spend having down time from what has been a very stressful year for one reason.. dear old Covid has changed our lives! 
If you are still contemplating the iSUP boards we do have stock and I am sure we can find you something to get out on with the family.. other items like the bodyboards and buoyancy aids etc. are beginning to be a bit harder to supply so our apologies if you receive a 'no' when you ask. 
If anyone has found a Go Pro camera on the beach please let us know as the cook who works in the Into the Blue Restaurant stupidly left his there last week.. and we.. or you might get a free Fish and Chips if he gets it back! 
Temps and UV factors are looking HIGH again tomorrow, so do make sure you get the sun tan lotion on, as it is a long term problem which even in the dull old UK has affected some customers lives.. you don't want to go there if you can easily prevent it! 
Now the Weather and the Tides as I am really pooped.. 
Saturday we should have wall to wall sunshine, if the Beeb are correct, with a temp of 31° and with winds from the North and then swinging to the Nor'East  at around 8kts. Tide is high at 15.10hrs on a 5.8m which is spot on for Paddling on the River and great for an evening’s BBQ on the beach. 
Sunday is a re-run weather wise but with winds more from the East and at 12kts. Tide hits High at 15.37hrs on a 5.7m so again a great afternoon for paddling plus maybe a kite or wind foiling session.
And that's it for tonight. Have a fantastic weekend and put everything that needs doing to one side.. just enjoy the weather while we have it. 
Goodnight all! 

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