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Latest News - 17/07/2020

Weekends ahead, Torro's plus Stevie hits the AGE and Captain Sir Tom is a star!is

 Here we go again.. it’s another Summer weekend of Fun ahead! 

Saturday is looking great.. Sunday may not be as it sounds.
Running late again which is becoming all part of the nowadays norm , so it will be a short and sweet Friday evening rant.
The love of SUP is continuing to grow and it would be nice to know just how many people are joining the waterborne paddling association every day..  for us it is still the growth sport and great to see so many people getting interested in the water that surrounds our little island. It’s something that politics and viruses cannot affect..  the true fun factor that comes with the freedom of ‘travel on water’, whether out on the sea or on our extensive inland waterways. Paddle where you can and just be happy with what you have..for now.
Inflatables have led this craze but the composite boards are still something that should, if at all possible, be considered once you have the ‘bug’. They will make you smile even more!
Gun Sails have been around for a long time and they now have a new UK Agency to drive on the popularity of these competitively priced sails, which is Windriven, who also supply the popular K4 fins brand. We have just received the Torro sails and Windsurf Tested these a little earlier this year.. link is
And that’s that , so time for the weekends weather and tides (otherwise the wife is going to throw tonight’s fodder all over me!).
Saturday we have a quiet'ish start and then the wind arrives in the afternoon, so paddle in the morning and then let the windsports take over for the later part of the day. 22kts by mid afternoon and coming in from the Sou’West. Tides are High at 10.18hrs on a 5.4m so a perfect low tide for Shoreham in the afternoon .
Sunday is not looking to have much sun in it as the current forecast suggests light winds from the Nor’West with rain showers pretty much all day, but that could all change as we have seen this week. Tides are High at 11.06hrs on a 5.7m so the River will have plenty of water if you fancy an ‘atmospheric’ paddle in the rain.
Whatever the weather brings, for what normally would be the first weekend with the ‘schools out’, I hope it gives everyone something to smile about, especially my OLD mate Stevie the Carpet, who hits a milestone Birthday on Saturday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD BOY!
Have a great weekend and our congratulations to Captain SIR Tom Moore.. a very well deserved Knighthood and could not think of anyone who deserves as much recognition as that gentleman.


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