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Latest News - 23/05/2020

Windy today!

 Yes.. got wet earlier this morning so apart from the usual 'hurt' after a sail that occurs nowadays, feeling happier. It was a convoy from Cowfold as a guy called Ian (keeps Bees and has lovely Honey..was putting it out on his stall as I drove by) caught me up at Smalldole. I went out on a 4.2m Gamma 3 batten and a 68lt board (almost rigged a 4.7m and glad I did not) which was fine to start with but by 9am I was very over powered. Tide came rushing in as well, even though winds were Sou-West (almost cross at Shoreham) verging West . Nice wave sets at times, shoulder high at best. 13 degrees earlier but the Sun was hot when it was out. Not sure if Jo Malyon was out on a directional (off of Church of Good Shepherd) but someone who looked like her was having fun!
Will be good later today at Shoreham (prob 2.30pm onwards) but Lancing, Worthing or LA will be easier launching closer to the High. Not sure what Carrots at Hove will be like.. could be classic after High and hopefully someone may post 'news' prior, so you can head there.
Have a great day whatever you are doing!

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