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Latest News - 22/05/2020

It's the Bank Hol Weekend.. I am seeing things GO and A thought for the Crews!

 Oh yes dear fellow water lovers.. We are at the May Bank Holiday Number 2 Weekend and we actually have wind for Two parts of it and then Sun for the other bit ! What a forecast!! 

You think that we would be in heaven at Ladleland with the thought of a busy weekend ahead but sadly not, as the shop doors have to remain closed. Along with most of retail shops in the UK, we are awaiting The Governments 'thoughts' at the next review. Wonder what they will say and if they do say 'Open', wondering even more how we can run the shop in Covid Mode... sure we can work it out for everyone’s safety. 
After 26 years of doing this you would think that I would have got used to missing a sail on a windy day but today I have found it harder than ever.. I was desperate to get to the beach this evening as I NEED TO GET WET.. but at gone 7.30pm I am still responding to customers (some things cannot be left until the next day) and have resigned myself to another missed session of FUN.. maybe tomorrow if the emails ease up (we are 'Open' all weekend and will respond to enquiries, so don't be scared to ask.. ). 
To be honest I think the whole of the watersports industry is in melt down due to the weight of enquires and purchases since they removed the lock down for water activities.. it has gone absolutely potty! Stock is disappearing from suppliers at a staggering rate. I saw 22 SUP boards of one size wiped from a B2B in under an hour this afternoon.. Incredible for any of the companies that supply Europe but this was a UK only supplier! The supplying companies as a whole are desperate for the Asian factories to catch up on production as they have already sold through the initial stock deliveries that made it before the factories all had to close back at the start of the year. Not good when Covid has made 'Holidays at Home' the best option for most of us.. People want their toys!! 
So please be patient and be prepared to place a forward order and wait.. we have to do this and at least you will have a good chance of getting what you want as soon as possible. 
So what does the weekend’s weather hold for us.. A LOT! 
Saturday Sou- West winds 24 - 35kts! Tide is High at 12.33hrs on a 5.9m . perfect Shoreham in the early morning or mid afternoon! SUP in waves could be good in protected areas! 
Sunday is Westerly winds 14-19kts.. better for novice kiters and foiling weather. Tide is High at 13.07hrs on a 5.9m 
Monday it is all change , as the winds drop right off and go light cyclonic...and the SUN is out. Beach and SUP fun with the Tides High at 13.42hrs on a 5.9m so perfect for River Paddling! 
As a final thought I would just like to say that not everyone will be having a Holiday weekend and we must not forget them. 
One of our ex employees, from back in the early part of this century, is Ambulance Crew for Essex but currently assisting in London. Today I checked up on him and he informed me that one of their colleagues sadly succumbed to Covid a few days ago. Not an old guy.. No health issues.. in fact he was a Tri-Athlete. He also said there are now a large number of crews 'ill'. How do they all keep going?? 
Please don't think it has gone away.. It really can and will take anyone. 

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