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Latest News - 07/05/2020

It's the weekend and one to Remember a lot of things..

 Yes.. It's the Weekend and a special one at that, as we all whatever country we live in, mark the ending of the 2nd World War in Europe. For all people that were living through those times, after 6 years of conflict everyone must have been glad that it had finally ended. Europe and the World as a whole will be very glad when our current conflict comes to an end, in some way or another and so tomorrow will be a special day for remembering those that cannot enjoy the moment, as it was back in 1945.

So today we have no relaxing of any lock down restrictions and we have not had the 'release' to get back out onto the water that we were led to believe was coming. Maybe on Sunday but for now it seems it is business as usual, no trips to the beach. I had a feeling they were not going to do this as there would have been rush for sure, as the weather is being kind but also harsh.. it is as good as it gets for the UK in May!
I guess we keep our heads down for just a little longer.
For the first time no Weather and the Tides this week as that may be like rubbing salt into the wounds but next week it will be back to normal and whatever position we are in I am looking forward to it..
So to round up this weeks Weekend blog I think that Man Caves or Woman caves, is something current and worth a mention. This one I have to mention as it is sooo damned good! It has been constructed by Rich in Hove (think it's to hide from his neighbour...:) and if you would like one I am sure he will be more than happy to nip round and build one for you. You think he would let the dog in though!
(Rich is the man if you need high end Wood flooring)
Have great weekend and looking forward to doing it all again next week!
Picture is of VE Day in Lancing 1945. Thanks to the Worthing Herald

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