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Latest News - 14/02/2020

Valentines, Kitesurfers in the fields and Cabrinha buys.. Cabrinha!. but No One Loves a breached Beach.

Yes. it's the weekend but has anybody mentioned a time slip or perhaps a Groundhog Day.. I'm sure we are re-running last weekend! We have made it through to Friday night and a I guess it's a special one, as it's Valentine's Day (in case you have forgotten!). Tesco have big bunches of Red Roses for £5.00.. but be careful not to overdo their 'value'.. as they advertised the 'offer' in most newspapers! What price True Love eh.
The weekend ahead is pretty much as it was last week.. except for this time we get a male Storm called Dennis (shame it wasn't female.. Storm Doris would have been wonderful). After last weekend's buffeting and another week of rain saturating an already waterlogged ground, fingers crossed for the tree's staying in place as getting around will become difficult enough with the flooding!
Once again the winds are going to be from the South for the majority of the storm (just a touch of Sou'West) which are the worst for building and beach damage. The height of the Storm is set to be here late Saturday afternoon and through to the early hours of Sunday morning, so fun time on Saturday looks to be during the morning and possibly early afternoon (Pagham is likely to be very busy). Sunday the winds will switch more to the Sou'West so you can start play when you are happy to risk it (thankfully for places like Climping Beach the tide heights are not as High as they were last week). The winds stay around till next Wednesday so plenty of scope for four days of fun, if you can stand the rain (looks 'heavy' over the weekend at the moment) and the chill from Monday.
Couple of things worth a mention re. trade...
Pete Cabrinha has purchased Cabrinha (sounds odd I know but..)! He has teamed up with Water Bound Investments and as far as we know it's not going to change anything at the moment, apart from moving Head Office back to Hawaii, so Pryde Group UK will continue to supply Cabrinha kit.
The Coronavirus outbreak ion China is of course a major talking point (truly awful for so many people) within the trade as a vast amount of watersports kit is produced there and normally at this time of year containers full of kit would already be on the sea heading for Europe. Not the case at the moment un-surprisingly, so we are keeping an eye on 'availability' as there could be shortages of certain products. Fingers are firmly crossed on a humanitarian side, rather than business.
Ok.. as it is Valentines I need to head off so here is the weekend weather and the Tides.
Saturday morning the winds are pretty much from the South and running at 25-40kts. By mid afternoon they are expected to increase to 30-45kts and by early Sunday morning gusting 53 kts. Tide is a 5.7m and High at 15.32hrs. Rain all day at the moment.
Sunday morning the winds stay from the South but will start to swing more to the Sou'West at around midday and then drop to 24-38kts during the afternoon. Tide is a 5.3m and High is at 16.39hrs. Rain heavier in the afternoon.. allegedly.
Temps are said to be around 11° both days so that is good news!
I mentioned Climping Beach a little earlier, which breached this week and has flooded a larger area around the back of the golf course. I heard there were two guys kite surfing in the fields yesterday (next to the road that leads down to West Beach at Littlehampton) and you can see on the drone footage just how much water has 'moved in'. The residents must be holding their breaths for this weekend's storm surge and heavy rains. Not sure how that will pan out long term.. West Beach may become an island I guess.
And that is it for this and next weekend as I will not be around to bug you (nowhere that I guess you would call exciting but have to attend a 90th Birthday, which is still an achievement!).

Have a lovely Valentines Evening and do have a safe and hopefully FUN weekend.


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