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Latest News - 24/01/2020

Too Cold for some, Winds to come and No Camden Shuffle... really?

 It's Friday night and that means we have survived it 'all' to enjoy yet another Weekend in paradise.
I may have worked weekends for the last 26 years but they still have the same 'feel'.. that sense of freedom from the norm and the chance to have a little fun! So for all you lovers of wind and waves (Gray.. get the Sky Surf Foil ready) it's looking like it's time to smile again as fun could happen for you this weekend and well into next week.. but what of the week just gone?

First really cold snap of 2020 and the watersports industry slows to a 'Camden Shuffle'..not a lot happens but you are still trying to look stylish! Due to that 'snap' there has not been a lot happening this week and hence a 'short report' this evening (we did see a new inflatable SUP brand today which was 'very interesting' but I'm saving that for when we have 'things' here to show you).
We have of course got kind of used to this over the years but it still brings on that "please don't let it snow" feeling. We all like to play in the snow but that's really when the 'Full Stop' happens and the lack of the till drawer 'ringing' hangs heavily on a store keepers mind. How many of you have bought sledges on a forecast and then look at it year after year just sitting there.. imagine stocking a shop on that forecast! It's -6° one minute (last Monday morning) and then up to 9°( day and night temp for next three days) in just 5 days! You order in a stack of mitts and hoods on the Monday and by the Friday you are wondering was that a mistake! 15 degrees is a fair old swing and the body as a whole, let alone the mind, seems to struggle when it does this. Last weekend was blue sky, hardly any wind and a small but lovable swell.. this weekend it looks like we are back to winds from the South and cloudy skies (rain comes late Sunday.. if we are lucky ). Trouble is you just cannot plan for the UK Winters and its weather swings so it 'almost' becomes a case of wait and see.. which is not a great way to run a business! One thing is for sure though.. we open at 9.30 tomorrow morning and come rain or shine..we will have something that resembles a smile on our faces.. Hoorah for the Weekend!

Weather and Tides..
Saturday. We believe there will be winds from the South at 11-16kts and No rain. Tide is High at 11.59hrs on a 6.1m.. good tides for the Rivers and SUP boards (no rain this week so they should be 'cleaner' than in recent weeks).
Sunday 'all change' as the winds start to pick up and swing a tad towards Sou' West and range between 21-35kts. Rain possible in the evening (which will clean the salt off of the roads..) and the Tide is High at 12.17hrs on a 6.1m. Dusk is now officially 17.15hrs at Shoreham so we are slowly but surely getting lighter evenings.. which is good as Shoreham won't be sailable until approx. 14.30hrs on Sunday. That is if it has to be an afternoon sail as you could go early if the winds are in.. daybreak or dawn is 07.11hrs.

That's it.. the picture was the beach last weekend (by Sunday eve it was COLD) and it may well look different tomorrow! 
I hope it has not been too boring a read and I will try and find more Toy's to mention ASAP.

Have a great weekend and keep checking the forecast!

PS. I was sure the Camden Shuffle was a pre-war dance.. literally a shuffle along come stagger hence my comment.. but when I searched the net for a pic the only thing that seems to come up is a Mark Knopfler song. Was I dreaming there was a dance called The Camden Shuffle or is there something actually NOT on the web??
Here's a link to the song to listen too if you like Mark Knopfler...

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