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Latest News - 17/01/2020

Once more dear Friends.. It's the Weekend!

 You are kidding me.. that's another week gone by?

Well I guess it has, so once again we hit the Weekend! What a week as well.. 
Storm Brendan was not particularly pleasant on the rain front (getting very bored of it now .. it must be the UK's longest monsoon period on record..) or useful wind wise with an onshore direction clashing with the Tide times! But as always plenty of people still managed to get something out of it so all is good, unless you suffered damage during the two days of high winds of course..sorry if you did. All ancient history now and looking to the future (well.. until next Friday) it is Winter Chill time with the winds backing around to the North' East.
After that.. we could be back to incoming from the Atlantic but let's wait and see.
Foil Surfing is looking to be a sport of the future for our 'poor surf' area. We were chatting with a customer this afternoon whilst he was here to collect a 'tiny' Fanatic Sky Surf 5'2" foil board and he told us that he has foil surfed 26 times in 2020.. that is 1.625 surfs a day which is an amazing hit rate and he thinks it is probably more than he has surfed in ages (he is self employed so not sure how much that works out as lost revenue per day??). Why, well the foil seems to bring an amazing amount of fun to a small wave that a conventional board is not really going to get going on! The foil boards are designed to get moving ASAP so the board will pick up speed with the smallest of swell lines and allow the foil to fly.. once going you are having fun! Obviously there is a high skill factor attached to this and being a good surfer to start with is going to help. He started the sport in November so he's advancing pretty quick but as long as you are fit and agile this is the purest form of surf foiling you can do.. ah, the joy of empty hands! More on that when I get a 'performance' report on the 5'2" but as a final note.. there could be a nice wave to play on tomorrow morning!
Two Used Quatro Boards to mention in case anyone was looking for one of these..
Quatro Rythmn Twinser 75lt 2010 in GC with a Flying Objects board bag £199.00 . 
Quatro Pyramid Pro 78lt 2019 in 'Mint' condition £1250.00
Both of these boards are currently with their owners but give us a Call if you are interested and we will get them here ASAP for a viewing.
As always we have Offers on Wetsuits all be that Winter or Summer. We can't of course guarantee we will have what you want (sometimes we fail to find a suit that fits a customer to the degree that we are happy for them to buy it..)  but please do give us a Call as you never know what we might come up with to keep you warm and smiling!
There are lots of Offers on Inflatable SUP boards and once again we let ourselves down by not getting the kit listed on our site mainly due to 'time' (which is also why I am still here at 6.43pm on a Friday Night writing this!) but do give us the opportunity to quote if you are interested..  as you will get the service as well as a bargain Price!
And so to the Weekends Weather.. 
Saturday the Winds become Light and swing to the North West 6-12kts. Air Temp is only 6° which will make the Water temp of 9.6° feel quite warm.
Tides are High at 17.13hrs on a 5.3m (not great for river paddling but if you do 'don't drink the water' as a lot of flood water will be 'drain' related).
Sunday the wind shifts around even further to become North East and increasing to 12-20kts, which will bring lower air temps so wrap up!
Tide is High at 18.27hrs on a 5.1m
You may have noticed an influx of dog walkers over the last few months.. obviously a lot come to the beach when the fields inland are 'Bogs' (went cross country running first thing Thursday morning.. Bog Snorkelling came to mind..) but there is another reason , Alabama Rot, which has turned up in the UK and can kill dogs very quickly. Found this as a summary..
'Cases of Alabama rot are most common in Dorset, the New Forest, Wiltshire, Sussex and Surrey. There's also a suggestion that a degree of seasonality applies to the disease, usually occurring in the winter and spring. There have also been reports linking the disease to dogs who were walked in muddy or woodland areas'.
Happy for them all to come as we all like Dogs (reminds me of a Catalogue advert we did years ago) but when your dog relieves itself please make sure it's picked up. Where I live the countryside paths (and surrounding areas) are littered with dog pooh and we do not want the beach suffering the same fate.
And that is it for this Friday evenings ramble!
Hope your weekend is Fun and do Stay warm.
PS.  Who is this Lady from Shoreham that was on the Greatest Dancer.. have not seen it but apparently she was amazing?

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