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Latest News - 13/12/2019

The Brexit Way, Two go Foiling, More Wind and Rain and Used Kit

 It's Friday, it's the 13th and whether you like it or not.. we are on the Brexit road again. 2020 is going to be an interesting year and I think everyone (including Our Leader.) will be keeping their fingers crossed that 'things' fall into place and the UK once again becomes a forward thinking country... we shall see. At least one thing is for sure.. it is now the Weekend!! 

Wind and Rain have been main players in our weather pretty much every week since September, which is quite amazing. The wind has been welcome but I think the rain has now become a right pain in the butt as the ground really cannot take anymore (the estuary was looking 'rather full' earlier today) and the floods inland were verging on the biggest I have seen for quite a few years. Seems a shame we do not harvest all of this 'wet' .. you just know that with all of the building going on we may well 'need it' when we get a summer drought.
The current forecast suggests another very windy weekend and once again it's running into Monday but likely to be like last Monday.. deteriorating. 
If you are one of the ones that want wind.. You've got it! 
Last weekend brought a light breeze on the Saturday and that was perfect for first time foiling. Tjeard Van Ort and his Father Hans (Hans takes a lot of the windsurfing pictures we feature) borrowed an RRD foil from us and bolted it into an old slalom board they had. At the same time Nic Shinner (the Farmer ) was at the beach to have his first attempts on a RRD Pocket Rocket and Slingshot Foil that he had bought from a local ( won't say who in case it is used as evidence of his over spending on fun ..). Both managed to get air time and by sheer good luck Hans happened to have the camera with him and took a few pics. Due to the tide they were both quite away out so even  with the 'bucket sized lens'  which Hans has, it was not quite good enough to get a bigger pic. I know Tjeard enjoyed the experience.. he seemed pretty stoked when they brought the foil back. Sadly we have now sold that foil but I have a feeling he will be getting a chance to try it again, sometime soon.
 I had to call Nic in the week and he was not quite as happy. Nic's a 'charger' and I may be mistaken but I think he was expecting to be flying around after a few runs. Once we discussed the actual time on the water and what he had achieved I think he realised that they both had done extremely well,  for their first ever HOUR on the water with a foil !
Couple of Used Sails just arrived and one will be a perfect opportunity for foiling.
We have a 2014 Naish Chopper XL low aspect ratio sail which
is designed for wave use but should be a good option for powering a foil. The XL has no actual sq.m from Naish but has been called a 5.3m, a 5.5m and some said a 5.7m. Chopper sails replaced the Boxer range, of which the largest was a 5.8m. Whatever, it's a powerful sail that will rig on a 370cm or 400cm RDM mast. It's in VGC and the owner is looking for around £150.00.
The second is a rare one but today we have a Hot Sails Maui QU4D 4.7m from 2013/14. It's also a compact low aspect ratio sail designed for wave use and as with all HOT sails, it is BUILT to last. It's again in VGC and the owner is looking for around £110.00 (we are getting like Estate Agents.. offers of around £xxx invited!). 
Finally, a customer has asked us to advertise his JP Supercross 116 Mk2 2005 FWS which although an older board it was one that worked very well as a South Coast slalom come bump and jump. Specs are..
Length (cm): 243
Width (cm): 66
Volume: 116
Fin: Power, Super-X 37
Price is.. £160.00 ono. 
It's not currently at the shop but I  will post more pics ASAP,  as running out of time today. Do call if you are already interested!
So to the weather and the Tides..
Saturday, the winds are from the West and range from 19-38kts.. should drop back in the afternoon to gusts of 28kts.
Tide is High at 12.13hrs on a 6.2m so Shoreham will be an early morning start or on the water at just after 2pm depending upon the shore break.
Sunday it turns to the Sou'West and increases with wind speeds between 25 and 38kts. Tide is High at12.54hrs on a 6.2m so Shoreham maybe a no go as probably dark by just after 4pm (only 8 days until the shortest day!!).
That is it.. I hope you've had a good week and that you have an even better weekend!

You can see Largerversions of the pics, as well as more pics of the sails etc.  on our facebook page.. Click Here!

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