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Latest News - 29/11/2019

It's the Weekend after Black Friday and I'm droning on again!

 Whoop.. the Weekend is HERE and the Black Friday has been and is about to go.. not sure how yours went but for us it was more like 'Friday the 13th' for one reason and another.. it has been a very stressful day! 

We are not a participant in Black Friday as we really don't 'get' the ideology behind the UK 's version of it (States side it is the clearance of OLD stock which we do understand) but we will always look at matching any online price, as and where we can, so that you can buy it locally. PLEASE don't be afraid to ask as we would much rather be asked than not!  It was interesting and quite refreshing to see that Red Paddle SUP closed their website to online purchases and suggesting that customers go to their Local Store who will (or should)  generally look after you in more ways than just the price. 
It's not only retail that gets the offers as the trade will come up with them as well and there was one today which is worth  a mention.   2019 Naish Mad Dog Surf SUP,  currently available in 7'10, 8'6" and 8'11" (all are 29" wide) which had an RRP of £1699.00 but are now available at £999.00.. whilst stocks last of course! That is a big saving and as the boards do work well on our local waves ito maybe one to put  on the Early Christmas present to Me list! Click Here to see the promo video .. hope it works as the web today has been 'slow'.
As I mentioned earlier, today was stressful and a part of it, which I can talk about, was due to hearing on the morning News that all Drones needed to be registered by tomorrow (30th November). Not sure if I was the only person that had not heard about this prior to today but thought best do it for the £9.00 cost per year, just in case an unregistered Drone was no longer sellable after the deadline. It soon became a headache as rather than just a simple registry it turns out you have to complete a 'Test' prior to registering.. 20 Questions Multiple Choice. OK.. so I was on my back foot as I have never flown a drone but have owned a DJI Phantom for a while which I WILL at some point find the time to fly. Hah.. Passed the Test first time (18 out of 20) but due to the website dropping me out on various occasions and then at the 'Pay Now' point I wasted approx two precious hours as every time you lost the Test and all of the previous data entered.. 
Please Start Again! 🤬 
I finally achieved it a few minutes ago as I guess everyone had also given up and the site was no longer overworked.. which makes me think that maybe a lot of other Drone owners had also only just heard about it on the News. 
So will this stop a lunatic flying one around an Airport.. I really don't think so but it got me wondering whether this was just a start and whether other things such as 'kites' could be the next thing they will want to register.. a very easy exercise and a good revenue earner as well. 
So to the weekends glorious weather and Tide times.
Saturday.. Easterly Wind 18-22kts 8°C and Tide is High at 13.24hrs on a 6.1m. NO RAIN at the mo!
Sunday 1st December!.. Nor' East 20-27kts 8°C and Tide is High at 14.03hrs on a 5.7m. NO RAIN again.. how nice!
That is it for another week in Paradise.. hope yours has been a good one and that the weekend proves to be even BETTER!

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