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Latest News - 06/09/2019

Early doors.. cooler winds and JP have Launched!

 Looks like the Dyno 85 which arrived Wednesday has now sold but we may be having another popular board arrive over the weekend.. a Fanatic Grip 82 from 2018 which is a very nice wave board for the South Coast (Tri. Twin or Quad setup) ! Oh.. and a Simmer Quantum from 2019 may well arrive as well. More of that / them tomorrow. 

JP have just launched their new Wind and SUP website. The company is now owned by the German Pryde Importer and an all new look has been brought into play for the boards and Neil Pryde have supplied 'Matching Sails' so you can now have a matched kit.. the actual construction and shapes of the boards will still be headed up by the original team though. It is quite a different site to the last JP version so worth a look-see..  but please don't ask too many questions as we are still awaiting OUR info!! The Public knows before the trade, as quite often is the case nowadays! :) 
Click Here for the JP Look-see
May not be able to do the Friday eve Blog this week due to 'reasons' so a quick mention of the weather.. which currently is blowing from the Sou'West at 23kts..hooray! However,  by tomorrow the winds change and it is looking a bit Autumnal ! They say our winds are going to be in from the dead North which is of no friggin use whatsoever for wind sports on our part of the south coast (unless you like sailing in offshore winds of course.. do not get into trouble!!)  and it will also make paddling up the local rivers hard work as although not that strong (12kts approx.) it will come straight down the valleys. The Tides are not great either. Temps are said to be around 17° which is quite a drop on previous weekends and not quite the 'Heat wave' they forecast for September only a few weeks back. I DO HOPE THEY HAVE THIS FORECAST WRONG! A little more Heat would be nice :) 
So what about the Tides.. 
Saturday, High is at 18.21hrs on a 5.0m 
Sunday, High is at 19.39hrs on a 4.8m
Wow,  there has been a lot of  'may and maybes' in this post... so Maybe 'more' later and I hope you all have a good weekend if not!

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