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Latest News - 10/08/2019

Stormy Saturday.. Yes!

 I have to say that it is 'really' windy down here this morning. Rough night inland but driving down the wind did not 'kick in' until the Upper Beeding salt flats (behind the Downs) and then you really noticed the force of the wind.

Lancing Wind is reading Sou'West Constant 37kts Gusting 49kts and although the pics do not show how rough the sea is.. it is!
Tide is still too High here (unless you are brave and have kit 'supplied') and with the 4.9m it may not move back very quickly. Watch the car or van doors and tailgates are likely to be on your head very quickly (as mine nearly was..).
Have Fun but do take care today and if you look at the sea state and think 'ooo'er'.. maybe give it a miss. 

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