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Latest News - 09/08/2019

Here we go again..and Phil's New Nano2

 So.. here we go again as another very windy weekend approaches! This is obviously wonderful news for those that love wind sports (although the wind speeds tomorrow maybe a tad too much for most..) but not such a happy event for those who have or rather had 'events' lined up for Saturday. I see that the Boardmasters event at Newquay has been re-instated at the last moment.. I guess they have decided the conditions are not going to be as bad as first thought (brave call..) but how many outside Weddings etc. are going to be thrown into chaos due to the marquee companies having to withdraw. Just be glad that you are not camping at the moment.. but if you are.. oooer ! 

We have stowed away all of the inflatable SUPs etc. that would usually be racked outside of the shop on a 'summers day' but I expect the shop maybe more crammed with kit than usual tomorrow, so please bear with us if you drop by! Sunday is looking a much nicer day...
Severne are about to launch their 2020 board range which includes a new look Dyno and a re-worked Nano 2. I cannot put up any pics or details until the launch has happened but if you come into the shop we can probably offer sneak previews of the boards. One person who has got more than a sneak preview is local entrepreneur Phil Dobner (he will do anything for money..) who was one of the first people in the UK to get his very clean hands on a 2020 Nano 2 82lt. First impressions are that the board is totally updated with changes just about everywhere you look (more double concave.. very much like the Dyno) and a stunning new graphic which should make it easy to spot on the beach. Phil has the previous Nano Mk1 82 (currently up for grabs on eBay but can be viewed at the shop by prior appointment.. message us and I will pass on Phil's mobile) so looking forward to his views.. maybe after tomorrow! Price has risen by £50.00 for the 2020 model so not too bad.. now £1849.00.
Used SUP arrivals.. we have a Red Paddle 9'8" 2015 which is complete with a paddle , leash, bag and pump. It is in VGC and the price is £465.00. No pics as yet but ask if you are interested!
Price drop on a customer's used Starboard AtomIQ 122 2016.. now £650.00 as he needs the MONEY! Link is below..
Getting late so time to go home but I will try and add a weather report first thing tomorrow. 
Now for those Tides..
Saturday High is at 07.36hrs on a tiny 4.9m (watch out for strong side currents close in and a 'trench' cut into the beach by constant wave breaking in the same area.. you go from shallow to deep water real quick!)
Sunday High 09.03hrs on a 5.0m
Please do take care tomorrow (no leaving 'loose' boards or rigs on the beach or worst still on a roof rack!) and I hope it is a more reasonable wind than some have predicted (the Met office seem to have dropped the windspeeds right back this evening) .. 40kts will be fine! ;) 

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