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Latest News - 28/06/2019

HOT ONE coming.. and what's going on.

 Friday afternoon and we are heading into a HOT weekend according to the forecasters.. which is quite amazing considering that Glastonbury Festival is once again on and even that looks like being a sea of SUN this weekend!

(If you don't know about Glastonbury it is 'the' biggest music festival in the UK but is quite often a sea of MUD due to rain). Not so sure about how hot it will be as we still have the East winds tomorrow (wind has had a chill to it again) and then it is all change as we have a Low Pressure moving in for Sunday. Good news is that the Low pressure switches the winds to a brisk 18-20kts from the Sou'West but Windguru reckons will drop the temps to around 16°C.  No rain though... or maybe I should not have said that! 
Have to be brief this evening as I am supposed to be off from tomorrow for a pre- school hols break (we get too busy once they do break) but as we have such a Hot Day looming I am having to come in tonight I cannot be late.
Update on the Foil/ Surf Wings.  Two of the three wings that turned up now have new owners.. one Duotone 4m and one Naish 4m. Looking forward to the feedback and will post what they 'experience' as soon as I hear (our demo was going to be the 4m that went today!).
We have one Naish left now (no idea when the next shipment will arrive) as a buyer has had to pull out and I have my fingers crossed for a rare 5m Duotone arriving next week, with the next delivery after that being due mid July.
Inflatable SUP boards.. if you are thinking of buying one be warned that the lower priced boards such as the STX (10'6" retails at £549.00) are already in short supply. The next bracket up is the £799.00 from O'shea and their 10'2" HP is already getting low on stock.
Just saying as we really do hate it when we have to say "Sorry but it's a No" . 
We still have a Used but almost new Gumotex Safari 330cm 1 person inflatable boat which I am sure will go this weekend.. just about the best quality you can get and the owner only wants £325.00! Link to Reviews below.
We still have a Used Newcomers windsurfer just waiting to get someone out on the water having fun, so if you are looking for something this board is worth considering as you can progress on it. 
OK.. that is it.
So to the Winds and Tides.
Saturday Sou'East 11-14kts. Tide is High at 09.09hrs on a 5.2m.
Sunday Winds switch to Sou'West 16-20kts and the Tide hits High at10.01hrs on a 5.5m.
Have a great weekend and just as they were telling people at Glastonbury today, do wear Sunscreen, do drink plenty of water and ... I will leave the alcohol up to you!😆

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