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Latest News - 21/06/2019

A weekend of Hot Dreams & Armadas.. and a FSW for £165!

As you could probably tell by my poorly timed post earlier.. Today has been a very LONG DAY so far. The Solstice is a day of Joy for many and a day of sadness for others. For some it is the start of Summer and for others it's the start of the fall back to Winter. It must be hard to come up with something that pleases everybody! Weekends do pretty well though and once again.. one of those has arrived!
This is good timing as this weekend is Beach Dreams, the Shoreham Beach version of a Fete, and good weather is a must if it is going to go well. Link to their site below so you can check out 'What's On '.
There is also a 'small' event going Off at Hayling.. he he.. Yes it's the Kite Armada which started today and goes on over the weekend. Originally it was an event to try and get the most kites out on the water at the same time (the first was a downwinder from Hayling to Lancing.. which was great apart from the winds really kicked in and it became a Kitemare for the organisers) but now it's far more of a Festival for kiting fun and for the family members as well. It has to be a must if you are interested in getting into kiting.. you will see everything there and meet those who can help you get into the sport. Link Below!
The Beeb is saying that we will be getting warmer temperatures from now on which I am sure will cheer quite a few of you up (it has been constantly chilly down on the coast compared to inland) but Windguru still has us in the 16°C bracket for Saturday so just hang fire on dumping the coat for another day.. Sunday is reckoned to be around the 20°C mark. 
Winds are not looking good on Saturday so it is likely to be a Happy SUP'er Day (tides are good for River paddling in the afternoon). More of the weather etc. in a mo.
We quite often get asked for 'cheap' freestyle wave boards so here is one.. an RRD Freestyle Wave 100lt from 2008. It's in pretty good condition (has a few marks on the underside that need small repairs) and is as light as the day it left the factory. The board has Da Kine Contour straps fitted (£60 a set) and it comes with a North Shore 25cm fin. The owner is looking around the £165.00 mark which for a board of this type isn't excessive.. in my opinion.. as it will still be a joy to sail! 
Keeping it short tonight as we want to make the most of the longest evening.. so to the tides and the weather!
Saturday High is at 15.24hrs on a 5.6m 
Winds are light and from the Sou-Sou'East.. no rain!
Temp is given at 16°C.
Sunday High is at 16.02hrs on a 5.4m
Winds are from the East and hitting 19kts later in the afternoon. No rain and Temp should be closer to 20°C.. Hooray!
And that is it for now.. I hope you all have a great weekend and maybe pulling out the BBQ will be on the agenda

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