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Latest News - 26/04/2019

Storm Hannah is a coming.. so Let's Rock!

 Oh Yes, it is the Weekend and we have a STORM called Hannah dropping by! 

The outlook for the two days of work free bliss (for some) is very different to last weekend.. no likely hood of a sun baked Shoreham full of sun worshippers and SUP addicts but there could be a 'whole lotta' other Beach Goers arriving! To sum up Saturdays Weather using the words of a modernist poet (sounds better than a 1970's songwriter) 
If You want 'Wind'.. You've Got it ! (or it was something like that 😁) and it should bring a smile to those that have been waiting to 'Rock' in 30kts plus! Well that's the plan if the forecast is right but for Sunday, if the winds hold in, it will mean jumping ship to a beach that is user friendly for a Nor'West direction (the Witterings / Brackers are always favourite). Sundays wind strength is still in debate but we should get two days of Windy Fun and all completely Free of Charge (which is more than I can say for how much EON want to raise my 'power supply' bill this year). 
Going to keep it short as it's already 7pm and need to get out of here.. reason for being late this week was the arrival of 19 boxes containing Beach shoes which are AKA  'Weaver Fish Defenders' (£5.99 for kids and £6.99 for adults) , Kids wetsuits starting from £23.50 for shorties and £45.00 for 3mm fullsuits and  then bodyboards to suit all sizes (33" , 37", 39" and 42.5") which range from £18.00 to £32.00. 
Quick update on the 'Wind Wing's that we featured a week or so back.. 
We hope to have a Duotone 4m version in the shop by late June (Nik Baker seemed hopeful) and possibly the Naish as well but still waiting for confirmation from Robby.. actually from Alex who is the UK Rep.  The price? It is still up in the air (well it is kite technology..) but the thought is that it will not be far off of the cost of a 4m kite, so approx £800.00. Will update with more info as and when.
Now for the Tides... which are tiny Neaps so I think that even at low there may be more water moving about than one would expect (a strong sideways rip is likely which can make getting in and out of the water 'fun)'.
Saturday High is at 5.27hrs on a 4.7m (low at approx 11.40hrs) 
Sunday it's 6.37hrs on a ..wait for it.. 4.5m!! That is about as small a tide as we ever get so it could be a whole new experience when mixed with a storm like Hannah.
And that is your lot.. I am off home and leave you with the ultimate in seventies 'head banging' .. which should get YOU in the right frame of mind for tomorrows experience out on the water and sums up my feelings on Elecy Bills
! Have Fun...

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