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Latest News - 12/04/2019

Tis the Weekend B4 Easter, tis Clothing and Used Kit also!

 One more week to go and then we hit the Easter Weekend which has been seen as the start of the 'Season' in Watersports terms since Watersports in the UK began and currently we are keeping our fingers crossed that this Mini Beast from the East departs to annoy somewhere else! Typical that the forecasters raved about the Warmest February on record.. so then we get what must be the Coldest April for quite a few years... moan moan. 

 It's a good job we have left the hoods, vests and gloves in the shop.. just in case you need them.
Tonight's blog is once more 'a quickie' as the day has once been a tad hectic in Ladle Land.
Clothing just in.. 
Severne Boomerang T-shirts in Grey £26.00 
Severne Team Shorts Blue £39.00 (32/34/36/38")
Da Kine has also just come through the door.. too much to list tonight but we have their Rail Tee shirts, Trucker peaked baseball caps and the infamous Pindo SUP Straw Hat.
Used kit..
Three boards have arrived..all are early models but still will give hours of fun.
An Evo Wood 83lt 2005 with Drake 25cm fin £150.00
A Starboard Kombat 96lt Wood from 2005 (fin on its way) £140.00
And a poss Foiling board.. an AHD Diamond Race 72cm which has a deep Tuttle box (perfect for most foils) and comes with two Fins International fins, a 48cm and 54cm.
Still trying to work out a price for this as the fins are worth a bit and Deep Tuttle boards are rare due to the 'foil rush'.
If you are interested you can make an offer and we can ask the owner.
Don't forget that this is the Brighton Marathon Weekend so road closures will be in place. You can see the 'circuit' at this link
And that is the lot for tonight apart from..
The weather.. Saturday the winds are pretty much from the East at 12kts with an air temp around 8°.
Sunday it swings slightly more to the Nor' East and increases to 17kts..air temp 9°. 
Not sure they will enjoy the cold head wind!
Tides are High at 18.15hrs on a 4.9m Saturday
and then at 19.58hrs on a 5.0m on Sunday.
Not much use for Wind sports or River Paddling this weekend but great for finding a warm pub.. or maybe going for a RUN... sorry!
Have fun whatever You do.

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