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Latest News - 08/03/2019

And another Windy Weekend.. really!?

 Wind at the weekend.. again? Yep.. it's always windy in March. Well, that was how it used to be but nowadays it is a case of 'Surely there must be some mistake'! 🤥

Thanks to Bill for the Short'cast earlier today (you can see that on our facebook page) and a very happy one at that.. that is if you are wishing for a windy weekend. If not, well at least it will bring swell along with it for the pleasure of those with surf kayaks and SUP boards who do like surf. It's impossible to please everyone and the summer is sure to bring a lot of windless 'perfect' flat water days that will again make some happy and others not. 
The Beeb and Windguru forecasts that most of us use are as per usual 'differing' over what, when and where but Saturday is the day with moderate winds (as Bill said ) and may well suit more peops, as Sunday is going to be strong and the air temp is set to drop. Saying all of that this afternoons winds have not as yet reached the predictions, so do check again first thing tomo (update..5.35pm and the wind has just picked up). The tides are 'predictable' though and I will do the times etc. in a mo.
Now, here's a quick Question for you that use Windguru.. how many of you scroll down to the bottom on the free of charge version and have noted the adverts found there? I ask as we feel that we should be 'seen' there but not sure if it is worth it if no one goes that far down to actually to see it. You can Comment or just click Like if you do see the adverts ( not the ones that come up at the top or side of the page).
Staying warm.. on the beach is always an issue and the Neoprene Rigging Jacket has been about the best option for keeping you at 'operating temperature'. Use it when getting rigged and then again for putting over the wetsuit when taking a break (all have hoods which really saves a lot of body heat loss from the brain box).
Kiter's and SUP'ers can and do wear them out on the water but Windsurfers would be a little 'restricted' if and when it came to an urgent swim for a board and rig washing away from you in the surf.
We have various jackets in stock from Mystic, Pro Limit and ION and for this weekend we are offering at least a 25% discount off of the RRP (some have more than that is previous years models)... whilst stocks last! 
And now for something new.. Coachers Tips! Well, it may only be for this week but we start with a Windsurfing Coachers Tip.. Phil Dobners ( Ex owner of Moon Beach, Egypt ) Tip for the Weekend is "Make sure your leading arms elbow is 'down' when sailing as this improves your forward facing stance"..
I think that's right but do ask him if it seems odd when you try it!
(Note.. I cannot find a current Pic of Phil anywhere..  SEND ME one PLEASE PHIL !)
So to the tides for this weekend which are favourable for Shoreham!
Saturday it is High at 12.46hrs on a 6m 
Sunday it hits High at 13.16hrs, also on a 6m
Good for the beach (wind direction will decide when to pack up in the morning and when to go out in the afternoon) and the harbour could be working as well.
Have a good time and STAY WARM.. pref. with a Rigging Jacket! 

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