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Latest News - 22/02/2019

The Best Swell, The Mist, The RRD KIte deals and nothing next week!

 Every week I have grand thoughts about what I can do for the pre- weekend blog.. but then every day when I walk through the door I have a plan of what I am going to achieve.. and every day and every week that gets blown out of the window and the normal panic sets in! I was always taught that when in business if you spend your whole day 'fire fighting' it means you are under staffed.. but then when you go broke it means you employed to many people, so fire fighting it has to be and hence you have another 'rushed' pre- weekend review! 

So, did you get to enjoy the rather wonderful surf this morning?? By all accounts it was the best of the winter.. a certain electrical company owner.. who should have been working.. said that he dumped the SUP board in favour of his surfboard, as the waves were over head high and clean. Wish I could have had time to get a few pics but as James was over at Nik Bakers to look at ION's 2020 collection no way could I leave the shop. I am not sure if we will have anything like that tomorrow morning as although the wave height is forecast to increase, the 17sec period is dropping to 10sec and the wind is switching to Sou-East (might work on the push.. wind against waves etc.) Fingers crossed we don't get the sea mist that we had later in the day (which I did get a pic of !).
A good Winter wetsuit helps on days like today and we have plenty of choice in most sizes.. and we will check online to see what the best legit price is and we will match it where and when possible (stock suits only.. not suits ordered in unless they are on clearance). Boots, hoods, beanies, mitts and gloves (apart from the ION Claw Glove in M and L sizing :( but they will be here next week.. as will yours Charlie W !) all in stock and once again we will check for online offers. 
There are some cracking offers on RRD Kitesurf packs at the moment and we may still be able to supply a Placebo Twin Tip board, 9m Vision Mk IV kite, Global Mk 8 Bar and Pump for £999.00 the lot. 
For a later MK VI kite with Placebo board, bar and Pump the below gives you an idea of what is available. Give us a call if you are interested and we will check stock in Italy.
(We may be able to offer the 10% locals Club Discount off of the below prices.. will need to check!).
With Placebo V7 Board, Global Bar mk8 and Pump:
Vision MKVI 5 -> 1.419 Pound
Vision MKVI 7 -> 1.469 Pound
Vision MKVI 8 -> 1.519 Pound 
Vision MKVI 9 -> 1.569 Pound
Vision MKVI 10.5 -> 1.619 Pound
Vision MKVI 12 -> 1.669 Pound
Vision MKVI 13.5 -> 1.719 Pound
Vision MKVI 15 -> 1.769 Pound
Placebo V6 Board, Global Bar mk8 and Pump:
Vision MKVI 5 -> 1.249 Pound
Vision MKVI 7 -> 1.299 Pound
Vision MKVI 8 -> 1.349 Pound 
Vision MKVI 9 -> 1.399 Pound
Vision MKVI 10.5 -> 1.449 Pound
Vision MKVI 12 -> 1.499 Pound
Vision MKVI 13.5 -> 1.549 Pound
Vision MKVI 15 -> 1.599 Pound
No weather report from Bill which means there is nothing worth worrying about for the windsurfers this weekend unless they are foiling or willing to go out in anything of course. Kites maybe OK as the wind forecast is 14kts from the Sou-East and the air temp is supposed to hit 11° but as the sea is pretty chilly the wind chill will / may make it feel 'cooler' . Sunday looks about the same but the wave period is up to 13 seconds so it maybe even better for playing on the waves. Tides are High at 13.58hrs on a 6.5m Saturday and then 14.40hrs on a 6.2m Sunday ( good tides for river paddling and poss the harbour mouth).
And that is about it for this and also next week as I am off to darkest Somerset to repair the father in laws car collection. Have a great weekend and enjoy the lighter evenings!

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