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Latest News - 07/02/2019

Wind..Windguru.. Windsurf!

 Brilliantly Sunny day with wind this morning.. a great change after yesterdays 'all day' coastal Mist followed by a particularly soggy evening! All change again tomorrow as the gales / storm roll in from the Atlantic and the hatches are battened down. Guru currently giving gusts of up to 56kts Sou' Sou'West at mid afternoon (tide High at 13.10hrs on a 5.9m) and the Beeb are slightly lower at 45kts but agree on the direction and timing. The air temp of 11° should feel than the water which was described today as 'rather cold'. Rain looks to be at its worst from around about the strongest winds arriving and the time we bring all the kit in from outside so that will be something to look forward to.. not! Have a great but safe time and please do have a quick check of your chicken loop lines / ropes / uj / tendons etc. etc. this evening, especially if you've not been out for a while.

And the reason for this post is... Windsurf Mag is now out! 
The Fanatic Stingray foil board I mentioned is featured in an advert. Two sizes 125 and 140lt (foil boards have specially designed rails to try and stop the boards 'grabbing' on touchdown) and the Price is £1699 ..the first boards will be available mid February (next week!). Two new windsurfing foils are being launched by Fanatic shortly.. more to come on that one.
Mag price is still £5.10.
Have a good evening and check that gear!
PS. Also check Seaford's wind speeds on the Guru chart pic.. this is very odd and I am beginning to think there is either an anemometer issue or... It's the Seaford Effect!!

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