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Latest News - 18/01/2019

Eel Reel Bidding, stay warm and.. a Brave New World

 Where the heck does a day go to?? I had all of these ideas for the Friday night 'it's the Weekend' blog but as I've just managed to sit down at 5.30pm to write it.. they aint gonna happen! What will happen though is the chance to bid for a Used but in Good Condition Oceanus Eel Reel retractable Kite board leash. 

Now.. I know a lot of you will say 'Don't Use a Leash' but there is also the other camp that say the Oceanus leash is great for newcomers who are continually losing their boards and therefore not learning much.. apart from perfecting the art of body dragging. So with both of those thoughts in mind, it is totally up to 'you' . 
This is how it came about...
Judy Tonkinson, who has to be the First Lady of Kite and also a very well respected windsurfer in our part of the world, has had to give up the kiting due to continual injuries and she dropped the leash in for us to pass on to someone that would benefit by it. After a quick chat we decided that it should be auctioned and the proceeds of the sale should go to the boys and girls down at Shoreham Lifeboat station as they are our lifeline.. just like an eel reel. :) So whatever you bid it all goes to a great charity and the winner can put their hard earned 'cash' (can't take a card.. sorry) straight into the Lifeboat on our counter.
The Reel is a HD version (RRP approx £69.00) and the only thing which is missing is the board connector which can be made out of a bit of looped webbing. 
Just add your bid as a comment to this post and we will close the bids on Sunday eve at 7pm so please let anyone know who you think maybe interested.
Wind did occur today (although light with a chill..) and I did notice a few kites off of the end of Ferry Road so fun is still to be had (once the hands have thawed out). Don't forget that the 'layers' principal works in the water as well as on land and adding a 1mm neoprene body short John / Jane under your wetsuit makes more difference than you might believe (and also makes getting changed a more pleasant experience). Hoods / Beanies can prevent 30% loss of body heat (true!) and that means that you will have warmer hands. Claw gloves work well for kite and then the open Palm Mitt works for windsurf, kite, SUP and Kayak (not great for surf though). All of these items are available from your friendly Watersports Store (that's us) and we carry a reasonable stock so you should have 'choice'. 
And now the Weather and Tides..
Saturday is looking to be a tad dismal, rain early in the morning and then overcast with winds from the Sou' East at 15kts. The tide is High 9.21hrs on a 5.9m so perfect for Shoreham late morning on for wind / kite. There should be a bit of windblown swell going into the harbour mouth for those looking to SUP / Kayak.
Sunday is brighter but the winds are dropping to 6kts and turning to the Nor' East, which is likely to drop the already chilly temperature a little more. Tide is High at 10.12hrs on a 6.2m (early River SUP if you wrap up warm?).
And that is it.. shame about the continuing Brexit issues but I am sure that by 11 pm on the 29th March our Government will be ready to lead us into a Brave New fingers are crossed of course.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Note. Picture of Judy courtesy of the SUN.
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