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Latest News - 02/11/2018

Back in for another weekends Fun!

 Friday and the weekend looks to be.. slightly warmer and with a touch of wind from the South. No chance of the heavy frost we had last night (-2° on the outside thermometer) which is always a shock after the more pleasant autumnal weather that October can bring.. unless you live in Italy. They suffered damage from two storms at the start of the week. RRD are based in Grosseto which was hit by one of the Tornadoes and we've had no reply from them for the last couple of days... hope all is OK.

We have the remnants of Hurricane Oscar coming through this weekend with Scotland getting the brunt of the winds and all but the South East of the country expecting heavy rain. Our forecast is for light Southerly's which get to a reasonable 'level for play' on Saturday evening (probably coincides with the high tide) but not point worrying about it as it's dark by 5pm! Foils will be out and surf SUP could be fun in protected areas, like the harbour mouth. At least the temps are around the 12° mark which is better than it was last weekend and happy days if no rain!
We have a few Used Windsurfing items which may be of interest..
First up a Witchcraft Wave 89Lt V3 which is in good condition structurally but cosmetically has a few marks to the gel coat /paint. The 'paint' is quite thick and therefore it chips pretty easily.. a lot of owners have rubbed the underside of these boards down as it does add to the weight and makes no difference to the construction but this board is already light!. We are checking the year of manufacture as the Mk3 has spanned quite a few years but we think it's around 2011. It is up for £425.00 ono which is a fair price for a tri-fin board that is considered to be of the toughest construction (this may alter if it turns out to be a later board! :).
Sails wise we have traded in two Severne Blades from 2017.. a 4.7m at £290.00 and a 5.3m at £295.00
along with two Severne NCX freeride sails from 2017
in 6.5m at £349.00 and a 7.5m at £369.00.
There are too many pics of the board and sails to load onto this News Clip so please Click here to view them on facebook
Masts and booms wise we have taken in (no pics as yet.. sorry)
North Gold 75% SDM 2008 460cm inc. a bag VGC £100.00
North Platinum 100% SDM 2007 460cm in GC £80.00
RRD C100% SDM 460cm GC £125.00
North Progression 200-250cm GC £55.00
North Silver 180- 230cm GC £55.00
Neil Pryde X9 140-190cm re-gripped but needs new F/E lever and poss. rear end adj. hence £110.00
As this is the second weekend of Winter please remember that we now close at 1pm on Sunday.. so don't turn up after that as we will be gone.

And now the tides..
Saturday High is at 19.57hrs on a 5.4m (07.27hrs in the morning) on a 5.4m
Sunday High is at 20.55hrs (08.30hrs morning) on a 5.8m
That's it! Have a great weekend having fun!

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