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Latest News - 19/10/2018

Sun's HOT.. Wind is not on.. SUP's Good and The Kite Mags out!

 A late October Friday afternoon, the Sun still has a bit of heat in it and I was lucky enough to be outside the shop enjoying 'the last of the summer wine' whilst cleaning a used wave board.. which should be heading off to foreign shores just as long as we can find a courier to take it at a reasonable cost ! Talking of wave boards you have to take your hat off to the winner of the 2018 Tiree Wave Classic as they had to 'work for it' this year.. I won't say who it was just in case you have decided to spend Friday evening catching up with the event on Windsurfing TV but it really is worth watching just the final as his wave riding and aerials moves are spectacularly 'smooth'.

No chance of any wind sports this weekend which is a shame for Simon at 2XS (if you arrange a windsurfing demo, even in late October, you can guarantee that the winds will come on the Monday following !) but it does look good for SUP as the temperatures are still around 16° (as is the water) and the winds will be really light. Make the most of these glorious 'long' days as next weekend it's the Happy put your Clocks Back time 😀 ( last year I got moaned at for being so dismal about it, so I am all joyous about it this year.. even though I HATE IT!! 😨 ).
Issue no 28 of The Kite Mag is out Now and in this edition they have included a Destination Guide booklet for peops that are thinking about a trip. Great value Mag at £4.85 and you can find out far more by using this link.. 
So to the Tides..
Saturday the tide is High at 9.07hrs on a 5.1m
Sunday the High is at 09.08hrs on a 5.5m
Note 5.1m is a small tide which will mean that the rivers could be a little low making launching more difficult or muddy. Sunday's 5.5m will be pretty good.
Don't forget that we will be here until 4pm this coming Sunday, should you wish to shop or just drop by, and then from the following Sunday the 28th we go to Sunday Winter hours opening which is 10.00am - 1.00pm.
And that is about it..
I hope your weekend is fun.. whatever you get up to!

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