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Latest News - 10/10/2018

Wind Ahoy!

 Bill's Short'cast for the next few days is here...

‎Billy Short‎ to Surfladle
1 hr · 
There's some wind on the way, so maybe we should have a weather forecast or wind discussion thread.
The bad news is that the wind is mostly from the south and we have mid day high tides - so finding the right launching spot and time could be difficult. The wind is set up by a deep low which shifts about in the west over the coming days, and the strongest wind is in the west, rather than here in the Southeast. So you might consider heading west, not least for the bigger swell, although the wind switches off again by Sunday. I'll concentrate here on the local forecast for Hove/Shoreham/Worthing.
Today, Wednesday, is a sunny and relatively warm day and we get a moderate easterly which may reach sailable levels this afternoon if you have big sails. Watch out that sunset is a lot earlier now, at about 6.15pm.
The stronger wind arrives tomorrow along with more cloud but temperatures stay mild until the weekend. The wind direction on Thursday is forecast to be southerly but it may turn out to have quite a bit of 'left' in it, at SSE or SE if we are lucky. Best bet on Thursday is to try for a morning sail because high water is at about 1.30pm. The Met Office give gusts to 30mph but if the direction is southerly it turn out to be more like 20mph.
Friday then looks a bit windier with a 23-38mph forecast. Sadly this is again a southerly wind, best in the morning. With high water timed for 2pm, and a big tide at that, we've probably got to aim to sail early or else head somewhere like Worthing for mid morning, or Pagham for mid day sailing. For flat water, perhaps try Esso Beach on Hayling. There is a chance of leftover wind for a short afterwork session at Hove or Shoreham if you can get on the water by 5pm. 5pm is still mid-tide, but it will head out fast.
There should still be a bit of wind on Saturday, but again it's best in the morning and another port tack day, probably at SSE. Low water on Saturday is a bit more helpful, at 8.36am.

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