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Latest News - 05/10/2018

No useful wind and one of those days!

 Well, I should have started the end of week blog by now but it has been one of those days where as fast as you get one thing cleared another turns up.. so it's going to have to wait until tomorrow ! 

We have taken in a few Used items which I was going to post but as the computer programme that deals with pictures seems to be throwing a tantrum so that will have to wait as well.. really has been that type of day!
No Short'cast from Bill so that pretty much says it all for sailing in our location this weekend (strong North winds are of no use unless you fancy sailing the River Estuary off of the airport (if you can access it through the flood defence works) as it will be OK water wise as the tides are reasonably Spring'ish this weekend. River paddling will be hell if the winds are as strong as they say and the rain on Saturday late afternoon /evening looks like it will drive most indoors (and it will be dark before 7pm if overcast) so book a table at a pub now! Sunday looks a little more hopeful for SUP but not much wind wise.
Tide times are ... 
Saturday 9.51hrs on a 5.8m
Sunday 10.44hrs on a 6.3m
Have a good weekend and do check the forecast later this evening, just in case they change things to a brighter outlook.. :) 
Pat from Hove Freestyling on the River Click Here
He was learning the move at the time!

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