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Latest News - 10/08/2018

Friggin' eck.. it's one extreme to VERY EXTREME!

 Holy Crab Cakes.. the weather amy find it easy to do a 180° turn in just three days but the how the heck do we try and deal with changes like this!! For weeks on end it's all about no wind whatsoever and just plenty of hot footed 'Joe Public' looking for beach shoes (which we only make about a £1.00 on so you do have to sell an awful lot to get 'rich' ) and the next moment.. we have gusting 50kt winds!! The SUP boards are blown out of their rack.. even the paddles blew off down the road.. and the rains are so biblical that those that have braved the winds have been had been lashed with water from below and above! So thank you GOD.. that was really helpful!! 😉

Yes.. I am back from a lovely 6 days in a small seaside town near La Rochelle and we were pretty much 'Boiled in the Bag'. 
It was 40° day time (that makes sand very hot..) which I do love but still a very sweaty 32° at night (no aircon and a fan made bugger all difference..). The wife almost passed out on the beach on one day, as there was hardly a breeze and if you have ever been to this great Moules region you will know that the shallow beach slope means no sea for approx 800 yds at low tide (makes Worthing look like Childs play) and it's a trek through a very aged mud soup to get to it, so no cooling off in the water! We get back Tuesday eve and by Thursday night.. we've got blankets on the bed and thinking of turning the heating on! I guess it is what the bar staff were saying at the resort.. 2018, the year of Weather 'exceptionnel' ! 
So, what does the weekend have in mind.. Saturday looks to be a good day for Kiteschools and for those wishing for more gentle conditions.. great for learning to windsurf or for a SUP on the River! Winds are forecast to be Sou-Sou' West and running at about 12-15 kts later afternoon.. sunny too and the tide is High at 12.00hrs on a 6.4m tide.
Sunday it's looking at being almost Southerly winds getting up to 23kts but weather from midday is 'soggy' with very heavy rain arriving at around the shops closing time of 16.00hrs ( when I need to go home and sort out why our Freelander died on the way back from France!). Hey Ho.. 
Tides are high at 12.57hrs on a 6.6m.
Please recheck forecasts tomo as we all know that they can change.. a little. 😂
Will try and post new / used kit info tomo plus news of a New Kite Repair Company but for now, do have a safe but fun weekend whatever the weather throws at us!
(Thanks to for the use of their picture.. sums it up perfectly)

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