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Latest News - 20/04/2018

Hot Stuff.. Nice SUP and Mystic is in!

 One minute you're freezing your bits off and the next it's BRILLIANTLY HOT! What a change around and nice to see the UK inhabitants all starting to smile again. Long may it last and if it does have to go.. please could we have wind??

For us we are happy with either option as anything is better than 8° and rain for 6 months! Fingers crossed the weekend allows a few barbies and no need to wear nought but shorts (that is for the guys of course!).
Wednesday produced a perfect spring day... war air, sun and a swell that brought a smile to so many people's faces along the south coast. Shoreham looked fun and I understand that the Witts got 'quite big' on the push. Anyhow I grabbed a chance to take a few pics before opening the shop and even tried snapping a shot through the Rampion sponsored telescope at the Ferry road beach entrance (think I might keep it considering how much my elecy bill has just gone up!!).
We have more and more and more stock arriving now.. Mystic dropped this week! The new Warrior Surf , Legend and all new Foiling Seat harnesses were among the kit along with the 3/2mm Drip Back zip suits, the Star blind stitched long sleeved / short leg suits, SUP paddle bags, and the new Mystic clicker surf kite spreader bars.. amongst many other items.
Please do give us a crack at anything you may be thinking of buying as we always check the web for the best price and match it.. if we can of course! Plus you actually get the service and backup if any problems with your purchase.. from your 'local shop'.. for local people! (hmmm. that sounds familiar for some reason.. but hey, everybody is welcome!).
So, to the weekends weather...
Saturday has light winds forecast (12kts max) from the Sou-East with temps at 18°and a small swell. Tide is High 15.47hrs on a 5.8m. BBC say thunder storms moving in early evening (there goes that barbie then..).
Sunday the winds swing to the Sou-West and 17kts at best. The BBC are saying 15° and misty! Tide is High at 16.48hrs on a 5.2m.
Have fun whatever you get up to and if you are up to town for another Marathon this weekend.. you must be MAD but good Luck!

All of the pics along with the Mystic products mentioned can be seen on our facebook page (will add them onto the site shortly) 

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