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Latest News - 16/04/2018

Jessie Tucker gets the PRIZES!

 It's MONDAY!! and we have sun and wind.. typical.. my apologies for letting you know!
I mentioned last Friday that we were seeing Jessie Tucker over the weekend and sure enough we did. Jessie was the clear winner of the Queen of the Air Jump Contest and she came along from her home in Southampton on Sunday morning to collect her prizes. She should have collected them at the end of last year but as she had to rush off to a 'warmer climate' we delayed it until her return this spring. 
Together with the help of Alex Tobutt, the UK Rep for Pro Limit, we supplied the winner with £250.00 of products. Jessie chose a Pure Girl Fire Freezip Wetsuit (it's a 2019 model which will be available September this year) along with a pair of the popular 3/4 leg SUP pants. 
Jo Malyon who co. organised the event came along to present Jessie with the kit and assisted by taking a few pics of Jessie modelling her new suit. Jessie's jump was.. cough..17m (55ft in old money) and so we thought it would be helpful for people to get an idea of how high that is if she would stand in front of the Atlantic Flats opposite the shop. We think that it is pretty much 17m at the top of the cooling towers on the roof.. it really is some jump for such a small girl !
Thanks to Jo for her help and for all of the hard work she put into running the year long event (maybe re-run in 2019 if she can bring herself to do it all again!) and I am sure we will be hearing more about Jessie as she is a talented girl that one of the kit suppliers will sponsor at some point.
And of course our thanks once again to Alex and Pro Limit for their assistance in sorting out the 2019 suit!
Advert!! The 2018 / 19 Fire-X 5/4mm FZ Suit will be £199.00 and the SUP 3/4 leg pants are currently £59.00. :)

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