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Latest News - 07/04/2018

Gad it's HOT, Witchcraft and a SUP up for grabs!

 Friday Night.. 17° in London and my van shows 13° here on the coast.. SUMMER HAS ARRIVED!

Once again the weekend has rushed on in and it looks as though the weather may not be as wet we was earlier forecast.. hooray..and with temps in double figures on both days too. Dig out the shorts and the suntan lotion.. well maybe not quite yet.
The weather is currently said to have winds from the South on Saturday running at about 13mph.. rain first thing and then dry.
Sunday has rain forecast for around 11am and then dry with sunny periods. The winds will have gone to Sou-east and dropped to 8mph. Temps on both days are guessed to be around 12° but the wind off of the 7° sea will feel chilly. 
Tides are neap this weekend (not much tidal movement so the estuary has a lot of mud showing and the beach won't show much sand.. normally). Sat it's High at 16.31hrs on a 5.1m and Sunday it's 17.36hrs on a 4.7m.
Mentioned that we had a Witchcraft board in a week or so back and it is now listed on the site (it is at the shop).. worth a look if you want a 99 lt super tough waveboard. Click Here to view

Anybody looking for a rather nice Wave SUP??
We have a Used but in VGC Fanatic ProWave 9'6" 2016 (bought in May 2017) which comes with an ION board bag and is available now for a new owner at the very exciting price of £900.00 (when new these boards were £1899.00). The owner is selling as he currently has a busy lifestyle and this board is just not getting used. Not on the website as yet so call if you want to know more!
You can see larger pics by clicking here (facebook page)
Have a great weekend and enjoy the HEAT! 😎

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